Hobbled Blum surprised by boos from fans

Geoff Blum had no idea he was the hot topic in Houston sports talk radio on Friday until Astros’ Hall of Fame announcer Milo Hamilton stopped him in the underbelly of Minute Maid Park and informed him he was being ripped by fans on the radio.

The fans booed Blum loudly in the fourth inning Thursday for a perceived lack of effort. He led off the fourth with a double, but probably could have had a triple. Blum is still nursing a sore hamstring and isn’t 100 percent, and he abided by the rule of not making the first out at third base.

“Obviously, I’ve had some hamstring issues in the past,” he said. “I’m running as hard as I can physically, and playing with as much God-given talent as I can. And I decided with Jeff Keppinger hitting behind me and hitting .390 against left-handed pitchers, instead of me chancing getting thrown out at third for the first out, I stayed at second base and in scoring position.”

Blum was harassed by a group of fans behind the Astros’ dugout and they exchanged words, but Blum denied saying anything profane or inflammatory. Blum joked that he told the fans his talent is his hair and not his speed.

“I know I didn’t say anything to regret,” he said. “I’ve been in this game long enough to realize with the media coverage that things can get blown out of proportion, and the fact you guys [media] are here giving me a chance to explain things means a lot to me. I don’t feel I have to apologize because I’m going out and giving it all I’ve got.”

To his credit, Blum beat out and infield single in the sixth and scored from first base on a double by Ivan Rodriguez. Still, he’s perplexed why Astros fans would boo him.

“I’m going to play the game to win for the Astros,” he said. “That’s the name on my jersey and there are 24 other guys in the clubhouse, and I’m playing hard for them and the fans. I would never do anything to disrespect the game in any way, shape or form. It’s weird to get booed. I’ve gotten booed quite a bit, but it’s never in a white uniform.”

So what would Blum like to tell Astros fans?

“I love you guys,” he said. “Keep coming out and cheering or booing or whatever you’re doing. I’m going to keep playing hard. I know my game probably isn’t as exciting as most guys, I’m going to do what I can with what I’ve got.”

Astros area scout Rusty Pendergrass is going to the All-Star Game on Tuesday in St. Louis. Pendergrass, who signed Astros’ All-Star right fielder Hunter Pence and Tampa Bay All-Star outfielder Ben Zobrist (who was traded to Tampa Bay from Houston in 2006 in exchange for Aubrey Huff), both in 2004, will take in the game with his son, courtesy of the Astros.

The Astros will also send assistant general manger/director of scouting Bobby Heck to the Futures Game in St. Louis on Monday. Jason Castro, drafted No. 10 overall last year, was Heck’s first draft pick as a member of the Astros. Castro is playing in the Futures Game for the U.S. team.

Houston general manager Ed Wade said he also invited Glen Barker, the club’s director of Pacific Rim scouting, to watch Chia-Jen Lo pitch for the World Team in the Futures Game, but Barker’s schedule won’t permit it.



Those fans who booed Blum are morons. They have no class and I am glad that Blum was able to take it in stride. He is a very good, dedicated player and I would be the first to tell him to forget about them. He’s doing a great job.

I agree with Jill, the people who booed him last night are morons. We all know if Geoff had tried to stretch it to a triple and aggrivated his injury or gotten thrown out these same idiots would be mad about that.

Agreed!!! Absolutely! Great to see we’ve got some smart fans here. Why on earth would people boo Blummer for not going to third on a potential triple? A lead-off double is damn respectable. Stand up and cheer the man.

Baserunning rule: Never make the first or third out at third if you can help it.

Furthermore, he’s coming off an injury, you won’t want him blowing out his leg again.

wtf-mate? Have you ever listened to him on a post-game interview? Blummer is hysterical and a class act. Go Blummer. Hits when the pressure is on.

Agreed as well !! You don’t ever make the first out at third and the way we’ve been batting lately staying at second was a good choice. I think some fans should just keep there mouths shut, and watch the game. We go there to have a good time, and when you have fans like that it just breaks my heart. Blum don’t let a few hecklers get to you because Houston enjoys watching you play the game. I almost feel like the killer bees are back. Great game keep it up.

Tag, if you see Blum soon, PLEASE tell him that not all, in fact almost no fans, are like that. The people that booed him are clueless, pea-brained drunken traitors and I hope they got kicked out of the ballpark for their foolishness. Please let him know that the vast, VAST majority of the fanbase love his hustle, his versatility, his defensive prowess and his bright personality, not to mention his clutchness with the bat.

I disagree. The replay that I saw showed Blum on a very slow jog from first to second. Any more speed than that would have resulted in a 3-bagger. If that is all the speed Blum can generate, then he should be on the DL. Later in the game, he showed the speed and hustle scoring from first on a double. Had he used that effort in the 4th, he would have easily made it to 3rd.

Blum has always showed hustle in the years that I’ve seen him play. There’s nobody on this team that deserves to be booed;they’re all trying. Honestly, I thought we’d be more than 4 games out of first at the 86 game mark of the season. Oswalt has 5 wins, Lee hasn’t had that great of a year, Berkman started out slow, Valverde has missed the majority of the season, yet the team is better than expected, as usual. So, to the fans that boo, ease up would ya?

Oh, I’m sorry. Did poor Geoff not like being called out on his lack of his hustle? How dare anyone be mean to him.

Tell you what, you don’t want to be booed, then don’t do an impersonation of Carlos Lee when you’re running the damn bases. And if you’re poor hamstring is hurt, then sit down and let someone healthy play.

What a bunch of damn crybabies. This guy could never play in a city like Philly or New York.

Ashtika has is right: “The replay that I saw showed Blum on a very slow jog from first to second. Any more speed than that would have resulted in a 3-bagger.”

Of course it’s right that you don’t make the first out at 3rd, but if he had hussled out of the box, he wouldn’t be tearing up a hamstring to make it to third on a mishandled ball. THAT’S why he got booed.

You know, I don’t get watch alot of astros baseball, because the rangers are always played here. However, I am an astros fan. Having said that, Geoff Blum has left a pretty good impression on me. Geoff Blum is one of those players you keep on a team. Not only is he a class act, he is one of those players that keeps a team together when they are not doing so hot. Astros certainly need that. He’s a team player, one of those things you dont see alot in baseball these days, as stats are more important. You don’t boo a player like this. I would understand booing a pitcher allowing 12 runs, but not one who is following a cardinal rule of baseball.

Geoff Blum rocks! He’s one of those guys who you KNOW shows up, works hard and does whatever he has to do to help the team win. He’s one of the more clutch hitters I’ve seen, and is for absolutely one of the smartest ball players around. He may not be off the charts, but we are lucky to have a guy like him, exceeding expectations, considering where this teams is at.

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