Bring on the second half

Jose Valverde is boarding my flight to Los Angeles as I sit at the airport Thursday morning. At least we know the Astros didn’t trade him. Valverde is going to be a key piece to the Astros’ second-half chances if they’re to make a run to the playoffs.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the Astros’ season comes down to the final days of the season as it has so many times in the past. I think we’ll know in the next three weeks whether we have contenders on our hands. The schedule to start the second half is brutal, beginning with this week’s series at Los Angeles.

The Astros also play road trips at St. Louis and Chicago in the coming weeks and play host to St. Louis and the Mets. Entering Thursday, 30 of the Astros’ next 33 games are teams that currently have a winning record. Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be interesting.


Yeah! I cant wait until tonight’s game.

Hey Brian…while you’re at it, why don’t you tell Valverde’ of you’re second half September team melt-down that you projected this morning and see what Jose has to say about it! Why don’t you go to the Astro posting site and see what the fan base thinks about you’re crystal ball prediction! Starting with mine! I’m not hiding! My nickname is Astrodad1 and I’ve been with this team year in and year out many more years than you have, my friend! Alyson emailed me last year when we were still in the race and told me she wasn’t going to sit back and be a cheerleader….she was a beat writer…and my point is, we were in the hunt up until the last week-end of the season and were right there to the very end! They, (our fan base), calls me the optimistic one….well, somebody has to be…since you obviously aren’t! By the way…tell Alyson that I bought new Pom Poms and will cheerlead all the way to the end! (dem boys dem boys are much too much),,,,get my drift, oh wise one?

I was asked to write an honest opinion of what will happen, so I did. I might be right, and I might be wrong. But I appreciate your enthusiasm as a fan, and I have surely told players in the past what I’ve thought about the team, good and bad. Thanks for reading.

And thank you, Brian, for reading MY post! Glad to see that you didn’t take it personal! I’m just not sure that with the early run our team is on, that I would want to post that prediction and ride on the same bus or take the same flight as them! I understand that you don’t work for the Astros…you work for MLB! Just stay on the plane or the bus….its gonna be a fun ride and you’re going to witness something the rest of us don’t get to……the Astro’s players celebrating in October when only a handful actually believed in them! I am one of those people! God bless, Brian, and I look forward to reading your posts through out the season (as long as you leave the predictions of collapse out) LOL! Respect your way…Astrodad1!

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