Astros react to Soriano's antics

In case you missed it, Alfonso Soriano hit a walk-off grand slam in the 13th inning Monday and didn’t exactly bring to mind thoughts of Cal Ripken when he rounded the bases.

First, Soriano admired the home run for a few seconds before running, and when he did start running it was right in front of Astros pitcher Chris Sampson as he was coming off the mound. Secondly, Soriano appeared to be point at the Astros dugout on his way to first, but he was pointing to his family sitting next to the dugout.

Finally, Soriano waved his hand in front of his face as he rounded third. That was a strange move that made no sense, but after some further investigation it appears he might have been doing the opposite of Miguel Tejada‘s spotlight routine, waving his hand in front of his face like a magician as if to say, “you can’t see me.”

Whatever the case, most of the Astros players I spoke with prior to Tuesday’s game brushed off Soriano’s antics. A couple of veteran players didn’t have a problem with it, especially since it came on a game-winning home run. Jose Valverde, who himself does plenty of antics on the field, wasn’t about to call the kettle black.

“I do a lot of stuff out there, too, so there’s nothing I can say,” he said.

I can’t imagine Soriano’s routine sat too well, though, with Sampson, who had a front-row seat. Needless to say, it will be interesting to see what happens the next time Sampson faces Soriano.


Brian, Soriano’s wave in front of his face means “you can’t see me” and he “borrowed” it from his good friend, WWE wrestler John Cena. This is Cena’s signature trademark as he is about to finish an opponent off. Soriano and Cena are close friends, so I’ve read. Thought you would be interested.

FYI, Soriano did the waving hand in front of his face because he learned it from John Cena (WWE). You should see it from ESPN which was shown on TV sometimes ago.

The face wave of “you can’t see me” is a taunt; it’s meant to be an insult to the opponent, like “I am untouchable, you can’t see me, you are not on my level!” type of attitude. It was bush league and disrespectful, period. Then again, that pretty much describes Soriano’s entire game. It’s too bad Oswalt was hurting tonight, otherwise you can bet Sorryano would have gotten it in the ribs.

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