Norris has a chance to be special

Astros fans are going to love Bud Norris. They’re going to love his 97 mph fastball and his confidence on the mound, and they’re going to love his sound bites. Not that Norris is going to say anything controversial like LaTroy Hawkins, but like Hawkins he’s engaging, well-spoken and likable.

If he turns out to be a good pitcher, he’s the complete package.

Norris, who gave up one run and three hits in his Major League debut on Wednesday at Wrigley Field, has some work ahead of him. He could start Sunday for the Astros, but nothing is really set in stone. He could be sent back to Round Rock or he could be in the rotation for the rest of the year.

With Mike Hampton struggling and Russ Ortiz having trouble pitching deep into games, why not give Norris the ball every five days for the rest of the season and see what he can do? The Astros’ rotation is full of thirtysomethings, but Norris is 24 and young and energetic. Remember how Hunter Pence energized the lineup in 2007? Perhaps Norris could do the same thing for the rotation.


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Hello Brian,

I think you’ve summed up pretty well what every one is thinking: Ortiz and Hampton are very unpredictable and, given their recent performance, could be demoted to the bullpen to make room for a young pitcher with (MUCH) more upside. When Ortiz was sent to the bullpen, he did a very good job. So it really doesn’t sound like a bad idea. You’re right; Norris could become a fans’ favorite quickly because he’s new, he brings youth and ‘freshness’ to a team that could use some.
With that being said I hope Ortiz turns it around and muzzle those Cubs today!

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