Astros face rotation questions

Unless Roy Oswalt makes a drastic improvement in his battle with a strained lower back, he’s likely headed to the disabled list Monday, leaving the Astros in need of a starting pitcher for Tuesday’s game against the Giants.

There really isn’t anyone in the bullpen who at this point would be capable of starting, so it’s likely the Astros would have to call upon a player from Triple-A Round Rock. The most likely candidate is Yorman Bazardo, who was 9-4 with a 2.76 ERA in 21 games (18 starts) entering Friday.

Because of Thursday’s off day, putting Oswalt on the DL would mean he would only miss two starts, so don’t reach for the panic button. He was originally started to pitch Sunday, but rookie Bud Norris will take his spot. Russ Ortiz was scheduled to go Tuesday before his release, and Oswalt will wait until Monday to see if he’s ready for that.

Now, on Friday I asked Roy about his back and I think he took a shot at me. He said his back was hurting, but he could do about 90 percent of the jobs in America, but pitching wasn’t one of them. I asked him if he could do my job, and he said his hands feel good.

Hey, pal, this job isn’t as easy as it looks from down there on the field.


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