Tejada and Cruz offended by tipping pitches accusations

Astros shortstop Miguel Tejada and first base coach Jose Cruz said Monday they were offended by the accusations made Sunday by Pirates reliever Matt Capps, who accused Tejada stealing his signs through communication with Cruz.

Tejada and Capps got into a shouting match in the ninth inning Sunday after Tejada popped out. Capps later told reporters he through Tejada was getting signs from Cruz.

“Not in the 13 years I’ve been [first base coach] or the 30 years I’ve been in baseball,” Cruz said. “I’m offended, yes. I don’t know how that guy got the idea that I gave the signs to Tejada.”

Tejada said he doesn’t need to steal signs to hit.

“When I do that, I’d prefer not to play the game,” he said. “I’m the kind of hitter that it doesn’t matter where the pitcher throws, I go up there for any pitch. I don’t think I’m going to need the signs from nobody to hit. I think it’s very disrespectful for that guy to say that ‘Cheo’ gave me the signs.

“He said that he gives the signs to the Latin players, and that’s not good. That’s not good because he disrespects one of our coaches. And I think ‘Cheo’ didn’t look good. I think the people are going to think ‘Cheo’ do that for real, and that’s not true. We don’t do that here.

“We’re professionals here. We play the game right. This team never tries to fight nobody. It’s a team that just plays the game right way. For him to do that is disrespectful because I don’t think this team needs that to play this game.”

Astros manager Cecil Cooper, a good friend of Cruz, took up for both men.

“I think that’s ridiculous,” he said. “We don’t do stuff like that. We’re good sports. That’s not the way we play. It makes it worse when he mentions Tejada. These guys are totally pros. They’re pro’s pros. I thin kit’s totally ridiculous.”

Cruz said Capps should have produced some evidence before he made accusations.

“I don’t know why he said something like that,” Cruz said. “When you said something like you have to have to some proof somebody gave the sign to somebody.”

Stealing signs, Tejada said, wouldn’t be much of a help anyway.

“Even if a pitcher tells the hitter what’s coming, he still has to hit it,” he said. “For somebody to think about it is really immature. In baseball you don’t need somebody to tell you what’s coming. You got to hit the ball in the sweet part of the bat.”


I love that comment “You’ve still got to hit the ball on the Sweet Spot of the bat!!” … Exactly.

Buz – http://buzblog.mlblogs.com/

The accusations of Capps against J.Cruz & Miggy are utterly ridiculous! But shouldn’t there be some kind of investigation into his claims if nothing more to prove what a major league dumb a*$ he is?? Why should the Astros or the League or Commissioner Selig allow this situation to go unchecked?? Especially since his apparent explanation was so inexcusably racist!! He should be pulled up, quick like, on to the carpet and be made to completely explain himself with proof! Which of course he does not have!!

Stealing signs is not against the rules. The guy is clearly a jerk, but as far as I know, his words weren’t an actionable offense. Still, I hope their manager at least sits him for his next save opportunity… no self-respecting manager should allow his players to act so unprofessional.

If this were actually true, which I doubt, then maybe the Pirates should take a page out of the Astros’ book. The Pirates might be able to hit above an A-ball level if they tried to cheat a little.

Not sure I understand the logic of accusing/complaining about the other team stealing signs, when a) your team won, b) the game really doesn’t have any playoff implications, c) neither team is leading the division….it’s not like we’re talking about Bill Belichick here…neither team is going to win the World Series this year…

I doubt it happened. If it did though, I could understand, they’ve got to be getting desperate with Miggy’s double plays, it’s just reached a ridiculous level.

The entire incident was bizarre. 1) The strategic communications are called “signs” or “signals” for a reason: you don’t want to announce your strategy to the opposition. But if the opposition figures out your signals, then you have to change your signals if you don’t want to continue communicating strategic intent to the opponents. It is not illegal to “steal” signs. 2) Capps had already retired Tejada on a harmless popup to shortstop. Even if Cruz and Tejada did decode the Pirates’ intent, it didn’t do the Astros any good. 3) It’s September, the Pirates were already eliminated, and the Astros were close to elimination with three weeks to play.

The second point is the really bizarre one for me: Why play the “cheater” card when you beat the alleged “cheater” anyway?

Mike Capps should take his own advice to Tejada and Cruz: “Just compete.”

Ashitaka, you kill me, you’re my favorite poster. One man’s opinion: This whole thing is silly. EVERYBODY steals everyone else’s signs. That’s why the pitcher and catcher have a different set of signs when there is a man on second. Remember ealier in the year when Pudge said he suspected that Wandy was “tipping” his pitches? Translation: someone had figured out a way to steal his signs. Capps needs to grow up, and find something else to be angry about. How about “cap and trade?” No pun intended, of course.

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