Astros having one of their worst road seasons in years

The Astros began the second half of the season with a four-game series at the Los Angeles Dodgers. They won the first two games and lost the final two, starting two months or road misery. After getting swept by the Brewers on Sunday, the Astros have lost 25 of 31 on the road since winning those two games at Dodgers Stadium in mid-July.

Here’s how they have fared in their last five road trips

— 0-2 (at LA, after winning the first two games)

— 2-5 (at CHC; at STL)

— 2-5 (at FLA; at MIL)

— 2-7 (at STL; at ARI; at CHC)

— 0-6 (at CIN; at MIL)

The Astros are 28-46 on the road. With seven road games left at Philadelphia and the New York Mets, the Astros have a chance for their worst road record since 1991 (28-53). Their only 50-loss road season since 1991 came in 2007 when they were 31-50 on the road.



I have a question for you, Mr. McTaggart. I was expecting to see it in the regular news article but it was absent; when was the last time the Astros went a complete road trip without a single win? I can’t remember for sure but I think it was the 10 game skid in May of 2007. If you have access to such info, how many winless road trips have the Astros endured in their history? This would be a good statistic to put next to the one above about the road records.

I apologize Tags, even I didn’t see the SOS meal the Astros have been serving coming up. I still say you shouldn’t sip on the kool-aid every other sports writer is partaking in though. I’m done with this year. Cooper has been on board way too long and needs to be told, “Don’t let the door hit ya, where the Good Lord split ya!”. I still stand by my words, I will NOT renew my season tickets if Coop is still around, even if its punching tickets at the front gate.

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