How about a player-manager for Astros?

Remember when Pete Rose was a player and the manager of the Reds back in the 1980s? That was pretty cool, and I wish we had more of those in sports. I would have nothing more than the Astros to have a player-manager next year.

I could envision Geoff Blum coming in to yank a pitcher from third base and then later pinch-running for himself when he represents the tying run. Blum is pretty much a platoon player anyway, so he’d be in the dugout as manager half the time. Blum is full of great ideas, too. And I’d enjoy a manager doing his post-game interview with dirt on his uniform.

Alas, this won’t happen. After talking with many players in the last few days, there is a tremendous amount of support for Dave Clark to take over the job on a full-time basis. I know Clark will be in the mix, but I see Ed Wade bringing someone from the outside. I don’t think many people would have a problem with Clarkie, though.



I WOULD have a problem with Clark though, he’s been hitting Tejada 2nd this series, which is a big no-no as far as I’m concerned. He’s handled the pitching staff decently well at least. We could do worse certainly, but that’s no reason to settle.

I think the Puma would be a good player-manager (I imagine he would laugh LOUDLY if asked about it though). He’s intelligent and well-liked, and how many times have we seen him coming to the mound to strategize with the pitcher? He even helped Roy Oswalt turn things around in 2008, remember?

One difficulty the Astros face is a steep 2010 payroll obligation to the Big Three. One way to address that difficulty is to ask the Big Three to restructure their contracts and defer some of their salary until later years. Will union rules allow such a restructuring? Will the Astros attempt to discuss this with the Big Three and their representatives? It could really allow them some flexibility to make moves.

As an example, the Dodgers signed Manny Ramirez for $45 million for this season and next, but they are only paying him $10 million per year ($20 million total) during that time. The remaining $25 million in salary will come to Manny in future years.

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