Who would you pick to manage the Astros?

All the interviews and public press conferences are finished, and we know the Astros’ next manager will be one of 10 people. Some have extensive experience in the Majors, some have extensive experience in the Minors and all bring something different to the table.

The Astros were open with the first round of interviews, but now things change. Club officials are taking the search underground, with the next public announcement likely to be the hiring of a manager. GM Ed Wade has set no timetable and MLB doesn’t like announcements to coming during the World Series, so we might have to wait until November to find out who the manager is going to be.

No matter who the Astros pick, don’t expect a quick fix next year. The bottom line is it’s a broken roster that will take a few years to correct. There are too many older players — and  maybe even declining older players — making the lion’s share of the money without many young players coming up. That will change in a few years, but a new manager isn’t going to fix that.

What a new manager can fix is clubhouse chemistry. He can get everyone on the same page. He can get rid of the losing air that took over the clubhouse last year and get the Astros playing inspired baseball again. Let’s be honest. The final two months of the season, every Astros game was the same. They were down by five or six runs early and they’d hit into about three double plays. It was tough to watch.

I wasn’t in the interview room with Wade, president of baseball operations Tal Smith or assistant GMs Ricky Bennett, David Gottfried and Bobby Heck, so I don’t pretend to know how the interviews went or what they thought of certain guys. I can only tell you what I learned from my research about each guys’ background and what I heard in the 10 minutes I spent with the each candidate.

The Astros are definitely looking for a manager with experience, and I think we’re going to see one with Major League experience. After all, they want a manager who will relate well with younger and older players, and I think you need an experienced MLB manager to deal with star players. So I’ve broken down the candidates into three groups. The leaders, the contenders and the long shots.

Again, this is in no way indicative of what the front office is thinking, but it’s what I think. And sometimes I get things right. Now I want to know what you think. Who should be managing the Astros in 2010 from this group?


Bob Melvin: The Astros have to love the fact he managed veteran players to 93 wins in Seattle and a younger Arizona team to the NLCS in 2007. He seems to be the exactly what the Astros want.  

Manny Acta: No one in the group seemed to have as much knowledge about the Astros than Acta, who was signed by Houston at 16 and spent 16 years in the organization as a player, coach and manager. He’s young, bilingual and this would be his dream job. 

Phil Garner: The fact that Garner, the former Astros manager, even got an interview leads me to believe he’s a serious candidate. If anyone can rally a team and fire them up, it’s Garner. He’s been there, done that. Whether that helps remains to be seen. 

Ned Yost: He took a struggling Milwaukee franchise and led them to the playoffs as they got younger and better. Sure, he was fired at the end of the 2008 season, but that was his team in the playoffs.


Pete Mackanin: The lasting image I took from Mackanin was him walking off the podium after the interview shocked at how few members of the media there were in attendance. But he has tons of experience doing different things and was highly recommended.

Dave Clark: No one would be shocked if the Astros hired Clark, who got the endorsement of the players after his 13 days as interim manager at the end of the season. But I see him staying on the staff and getting another look during the next go-round. 

Brad Mills: Who doesn’t like Brad Mills? He has a great personality and has tons of experience as a Minor League manager and as a coach in the Majors. He spent six years working under Terry Francona, a person Ed Wade respects mightily.


Tim Bogar: Bogar is still young and up-and-coming, which could hurt his chances here. I think he’s going to make a good manager someday, but the experience handling star players just isn’t there.

Randy Ready: I just can’t see the Astros hiring someone with so much lack of experience at the Major League level when they have so many other experienced candidates. His time will come eventually. 

Al Pedrique: The Astros’ Minor League field coordinator knows the organization well, but will players listen to him?  



My heart is going with Bogey, but my mind likes Acta. I think Acta will demand respect from the spoiled rotten veterans on this club, and he will help guide the youngsters. Why do I feel old every time I say “youngsters?”


I have been a fan of Houston baseball for all of my 71 years and this is my first time to comment publicly. It appears to me that the most logical choices for a new manager come down to either Garner, Melvin, or Yost with Garner being my sentimental favorite. However, I am thinking Melvin probably has the inside track. Watch Bogar in the future because wherever he goes will benefit from hiring him. One question, given your comment that we will not have enough to work with for several years to come, why be so concerned with a manager with big league experience? Could they not hire a young up and comer like Bogar and help him develope with the future team if we have virtually no shot at the play-offs for some time?

I like Tim Bogar the best, but I wouldn’t run off screaming into the night if they picked Bob Melvin. No matter who they hire, they need to get rid of the pricey veterans. Give whoever it is a running chance. And don’t give me any guff about “no trade clauses.” They cease to be a factor when you present a player with the chance to go to a big market contender.

I’d take Acta, Melvin, or Yost, in that order. No on Garner. No no no no NO.

The good news is the only hires I would question are the last two candidates on the list. Based on their bios, everyone else has proven they can succeed.

My first choice is Acta. I like Yost’s experience with Bobby Cox and his willingness to demand a lot of players. Mills is my third choice.

I have heard some bad things about Yost and Melvin. I think I would favor Mackanin, Acta, or Bogar in no particular order. I especially like the sounds of Mackanin. Here is a quote from a Reds fan on another Astros blog:The only manager that I’m familiar with is Pete Mackanin, who managed the Reds for half the season in 2007. A lot of the readers on our site really like Mackanin for a couple of reasons. First, he’s hilarious. He seemed like the kind of guy that simply appreciated the opportunity to be in the dugout and didn’t mind making jokes to the media. His light-hearted personality is a breath of fresh air with most managers and players who speak in cliches all of the time.The second reason so many of us liked Mackanin is because he wasn’t afraid to think outside of the norm. Granted, since he was interim manager and it was fairly clear that he didn’t have much chance to get hired on, he didn’t have a lot to lose. The only specific example I have right now is when he brought in a 5th infielder during a game to try to prevent a ball from getting through the infield. He also did stuff like put Jeff Keppinger at SS even when Kepp didn’t have much experience there. Of course, Kepp isn’t really that good of a shortstop, but it definitely helped the Reds to have his bat in the lineup everyday since Keppinger was killing the ball.Mackanin took a team that was 20 games under .500 when he took them over and they went 2 over in the last 80 games under him. That’s probably the number one reason why fans took to him. Who knows if that was real or just a bad team having a decent stretch. I don’t remember many times during that span though that I regretted Mackanin being with the team. Unfortunately, I can’t say much of the same about Dusty Baker.-The Red Reporter

I’d pick Mike Scioscia or Joe Torre, but doubt either will call Tal and put their names on his list.

Great post, I guess it wont be Acta. lol
I don’t have an opinion on the hiring of Acta, but a lot of Tribe fans seem too. What else do you expect from Tribe fans, most of them are always negative. I guess when you have not won a World Series since ’48 you can get a little impatient.
Nice post! http://clevelandbaseball.mlblogs.com/

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