Could Mills be the next manager?

With Manny Acta out of the way, the Astros are indeed down to three candidates — Boston Red Sox bench coach Brad Mills, former manager Phil Garner and interim manager Dave Clark, who has remained a candidate despite published reports to the contrary.

As of late Sunday, Garner said he had yet to hear anything from the Astros, while Mills had been contacted again by the Astros. Mills certainly falls in line with what the Astros are looking. He tons of experince managing in the Minor Leagues and has extensive experience on a Major League coaching staff. He served as the bench coach under Terry Francona for six years, and we all know how much Ed Wade respects Francona.

Astros owner Drayton McLane maintains a manager will be in place by Wednesday, prior to the start of the World Series. McLane is spending Monday in Temple, so signs are pointing towards the Astros getting something done with somebody on Tuesday.

For more information on Mills, read here.




Mills will work. I had him at number 6 or 7 of the 10 originally considered, but now that Acta has slipped through the cracks, we’ll see if the front office can keep from blowing this one.

I would like to know why, if he is as super as he is being touted, our new manager had nearly half of his coaching staff named by the Astros. Why didn’t Mills get the chance to appoint his own staff…from top to bottom. How can you judge his decisions if the Astros management…Tal and Ed…are making his decisions for him. Sean Berry, and I have empathy for his cancer situation, as the hitting coach? How did the Astros do under his guidance? Lousy….down in results for Berkman, Lee, Tejada (power), Maz, Q, etc…why bring him back? I would never want a ‘runner-up’ to my job put in as a key assistant….Clark only brings what he did under Cecil…again, lousy. Then the Astros force Pedrique on as his bench coach. Who is going to select the team and who is going to write down the lineup? Can you imagine telling Torre, LaRusa, Cox, Pinella, Francona who their coaches will be? Ridiculous. I am losing any confidence in Ed and Tal and now, also Mills..who is obviously not ‘his own man’. yakyakvegas

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