Valverde decision good news for Astros

The Astros and closer Jose Valverde are likely to part ways after the All-Star closer rejected the club’s offer of arbtration late Monday. That’s not to say the Astros won’t try to re-sign Valverde, but they view him as the most talented closer on the free-agent market, which means he’s going to come at a high price.

The best option for the Astros at this point will be to pursue a closer at a lower cost than Valverde — Mike Gonzalez, Kevin Gregg or Fernando Rodney, anyone? — and still have some money to sign LaTroy Hawkins or another reliever. The Astros are also in the market for a third baseman to add some offensive punch and they need some bench help.

The Braves could be willing trade reliever Rafael Soriano, who accepted arbitration Monday.

If Valverde signs with another team, the Astros will get two draft picks, which is never a bad things. Houston could keep those picks or that use them to sign their own Type A free agent without having to worry about the cost of losing draft picks. The Astros might have tried to put a sad face on the Valverde decision, but it’s probably for the best when you consider the economics.


Who do the Braves have manning second? Could we spin Kaz Matsui to the Braves for Soriano assuming he approves the trade?

Could be? Valverde accepting would have been an absolute catastrophe. We are a small-market team with a stingy owner, we CANNOT afford to be paying a single reliever eight figures, I don’t care if it’s Mariano Rivera in his prime. Kevin Gregg and Fernando Rodney are NOT good, shut-down closers; if we’re going to sign one, it should be Mike Gonzalez, or get the Braves to eat some of Soriano’s contract in a trade for a reliever we really don’t need (Wesley Wright perhaps).

Martin Prado took the Braves’ 2B job from Kelly Johnson. They might need him to play 3B if Chipper Jones gets hurt, but I doubt they’d go for Matsui.

I would be stunned if someone bit on Matsui’s contract. He did begin to hit and stayed off the DL the latter part of the season, but I don’t think it’s enough to forgive his previous transgressions.😉

Tigers need Valverde so badly!!!

Well they have him!

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