Ed Wade gives late morning update

Astros general manager Ed Wade emerged from his suite Wednesday morning to do a radio interview, and I was able to grab him for a few minutes. Wade never discusses trades except in general terms, but the Astros have been rumored to a few different players, including Rafael Soriano of the Braves. Soriano accepted arbitration, and now the Braves need to move him.

Houston is still pursuing LaTroy Hawkins, who’s in Indianapolis. Hawkins met with the Brewers early Wednesday, but Wade was still hopeful he’d return to Houston.

Here’s what Wade had to say on a few topics.

Q: What is new on the trade front?

A: “We’ve got offers out on the table and a couple of other meetings scheduled for the next couple of hours but until somebody says yes, nothing is done. We’ve had one meeting with an agent and have had internal discussion on a trade possibility that we’re trying to do our homework to see if it’s something we want to pursue to see if it’s viable or not.”

Q: Do you have enough chips in the Minors to get a deal done?

A: “It’s in the eye of the beholder. Somebody’s got to evaluate our system and I think if there are pieces that make sense. We had in inquiry from one club where I do think we have the pieces to make it work, names that they came up that we responded, too. We have to be aggressive, but we also have to be somewhat protective of the depth if we can.”

Q: What is latest on LaTroy Hawkins situation?

A: “David [Gottfried] talked to Larry Reynolds [Hawkins’ agent] last night and we don’t know where it’s headed. We’re hoping it heads in our direction.”

Q:  Are you hopeful a deal can be done soon?

A: “We have a couple of things out there. There are some bullpen solutions there, there are some offensive tweak solutions out there, whether any or all of them get to the finish line remains to be seen. I think we’ve been aggressive on the fronts we’re capable of being aggressive on. We’ve taken it to the point where our level of interest has clearly been stated and a lot of stuff one would think people would be compelled to get back in touch with us if they want to follow through on that.”

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The Brewers are quickly building a much better team than they had last year as far as pitching goes, and if they land LaTroy I think I might cry. They are doing what we need to be doing on a considerably smaller payroll.

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