Predicting the Opening Day roster

There are still more than two months to the start of Spring Training, so this may be a mistake. But in the wake of the Astros acquiring three players at the Winter Meetings this week, I can’t help but look at what the Opening Day roster might look like. Sure, there are probably a few more players on the way and injuries could happen but what the heck. Let’s have some fun.


J.R. Towles

Humberto Quintero


Lance Berkman

Kaz Matsui

Tommy Manzella

Pedro Feliz

Geoff Blum

Jeff Keppinger


Carlos Lee

Michael Bourn

Hunter Pence

Jason Bourgeois

Jason Michaels (I’m predicting they re-sign him)


Roy Oswalt

Wandy Rodriguez (L)

Bud Norris

Felipe Paulino/Yorman Bazardo/Wesley Wright (L)

Brian Moehler


Matt Lindstrom

Brandon Lyon

Jeff Fulchino

Alberto Arias

Tim Byrdak (L)

Chris Sampson

Sammy Gervacio



Is just me or have the Astros gotten worse over the offseason? We’re younger, but I’m not sure if we’re better.

If they’re attempt to add more offense was adding Feliz then that’s a joke. I really like the sign for his defense, but let’s not kid ourselves and think that this fixes our offense. If they’re going to add offense then they need to add a guy like Bengie Molina or Miguel Olivio behind the plate. This will give us a safety net in case Castro is not ready. Let’s not forget that he is still learning to call a game.

If this is our roster, we’re in for a very long season!

Ed Wade is in a very difficult position. He’s been a baseball man long enough to know that this team is probably going to stink, but, unfortunately for him, he’s got a boss who is living in Neverland. In order to keep his job, Wade has to keep sprinkling that pixie dust. For Astros fans, the best long-term solution might be for the team to lose as many games as possible while somehow maintaining a modicum of respectability. The deluded owner must be kept happy at all costs. The name of the game now is to control the stink and try to stockpile young talent while gradually allowing bloated contracts to expire. A bad team might finally encourage those players who have preferred mediocrity in Houston to a chance to be winners elsewhere to waive their no-trade clauses while they still might fetch a decent return on the trade market. Any team’s foundation is its farm system, and the Astros’ foundation is cracked. As fans, it behooves us to be patient and, perhaps, to show a little compassion for Ed Wade. If the team’s odor gets too offensive, he gets fired, along with Brad Mills, who deserves a chance, and Bobby Heck, who has shown some ability as a talent evaluator. But if Ed Wade goes crazy with too-expensive Band-Aid fixes, it could delay the much more important work of rebuilding that foundation. I, for one, don’t want to start over with a new front office; I don’t trust Drayton McLane to find another general manager who will perform any better in the same environment.

Yeah, the bad thing about this winter so far is that bloated 3 yr / 15 mil to a reliever. . . He better be the second coming himself for that contract.

Gotta admit that Lyon signing was an eye-popper. I have to believe that there’s something more there than meets the eye.

native_astro it is just you. I think we got a little better. Okay not division winning caliber better, but take a look at what we had going into ST and coming out of ST. The Astros have put together an okay starting pitching rotation that includes two of the best, two up and comers, and a fairly consistent number 5 guy. The bull pen got better, not because we gained or lost pitchers, but because Mr. Brad Mills won’t use up the arms for lost causes. Pedro is an excellent addition to the team. He makes a good addition behind Burkman and Lee. 86 RBIs!! Come on man! We still have Bourne and Pence in the outfield. Time to work on the bench guys now. “Needed two guys that can range the out field for short durations and drop looper into center.”

Since Brian didn’t make it yet, here is the starting line up:

1. Bourne (OF)
2. Pence (OF)
3. Burkman (1B)
4. Lee (OF)
5. Pedro (3B)
6. Kaz (2B)
7. Manzella
8. Towles/Humberto
9. Pitcher

We got better at third base. Feliz drove in 82 runs. Our platoon at third didn’t drive in near that many runs, so how can you say we didn’t get better. As far as blaming Mclain, I don’t get it. He spent over a 100 million on payroll last year. The thing he is guilty of is listening to the wrong people. He gave multi year deals to players who were not worth it. But someone was telling him this was a good idea. It’s not how much you spend but how you spend it. The Marlins prove this every year. Matsui was never worth that contract. Tejada was not worth 6 prospects. We are not the yankees who make enough extra money to buy a series. We don’t want to be the Mets either & be stuck with several 100 million dollar dead contracts. A far as defending Wade, it was Wade who gutted the farm system his first year here. But the real problem was Tim Pupura. He made horrible choices while he was GM, that still haunt the Astros today. I don’t think the Astros are finished getting players this off season, I just hope they make good choices.

Mrpeabody….first of all Berkman is spelled with an e (not a u). Bourn is spelled without an e at the end. With a line up of Rollins, Howard, Utley, Ibanez, Werth, and Victorino is why Feliz had so many RBI. I don’t know what catagory of best you are thinking ’cause the Astros don’t have two of the best starting pitchers in the National league. And why do you have Pence in the 2 hole where Kaz should be? Put Pence at 5 and Feliz in the 6th spot. There is no way the Astros are going to win the division over the Cards, Brewers, or Cubs.

“We got better at third base. Feliz drove in 82 runs. Our platoon at third didn’t drive in near that many runs, so how can you say we didn’t get better.”Feliz drove in 82 runs behind one of the best on-base lineups in the league. This is why RBI is a faulty statistic–it depends too much on factors unrelated to the batter’s performance.Our team, on the other hand, is one of the WORST on-base lineups in the league. In reality, Feliz is marginally better than Blum on offense. Just barely. He should provide a nice defensive boost, but he doesn’t really do anything to fix our offensive woes.

Tejada is better offensively, Feliz is better defensively. I don’t see how this team got better with any of the acquistions. They were basically replacing what they lost; Valverde/Hawkins with Lyon/Lindstrom. I’d pick Valverde/Hawkins any day over those two, BUT I wouldn’t want to pay $10 mill plus to keep Valverde. It will be interesting to how this pans out in ST.

jay_bird, thanks for running my paragraph through your spell checker, big help. Wandy and Roy are two of the best starting pitchers in MLB. Wandy had an outstanding year with a 3.02 ERA, 193 SO, 205 IP, etc. Thats more than we have recieved from him in the past. He started to slide a bit in the second half of the season, but so did the majority of the team. With any luck he’ll improve. Roy had an off year, but he still places in the top 10 pitchers in the NL. You could switch Kaz, Pedro, and Pence, and I think that you’ll see that combination move around till Millsy thinks the player are comfortable. Where did I say they’d win the division?

I still think Feliz is an upgrade. I not sure that Blum drives in 80 runs even in the Phillies lineup. Feliz played in a pitchers park more than Minute Park which is a hitters park, mainly for right handed hitters. I agree the Astros are no where near the Phillies in offensive firepower. Carlos Lee is the Astros only consistent rbi producer, who also receives a ton of walks. I feel that batting feliz in the 5 hole will give him plenty of rbi chances even in the Astros weak offense.

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