What the Astros will make in 2010

With several players still waiting on contracts for 2010, most notably Hunter Pence and Wandy Rodriguez, I’ve compiled a list at what each player will make in 2010. Remember, thre are still a handful of younger players who have yet to have their 2010 contracts renewed, also.

I have estimated what Pence, Rodriguez and Tim Byrdak could make this year, based on the arbitration numbers that were submitted Tuesday. I split them right down the middle, which a good starting point for negotiations.

These numbers do not include any incentives or performance bonuses.

Carlos Lee: $18.5 million

Roy Oswalt: $15 million

Lance Berkman: $14.5 million

*Wandy Rodriguez: $6 million (has not finalized a contract; he wants $7 million and club is offering $5 million)

Brett Myers: $5.1 million (includes $2 million buyout)

Kaz Matsui: $5 million

Pedro Feliz: $4.5 million

Brandon Lyon: $4.25 million

*Hunter Pence: $3.6 million (has not finalized a contract; he wants $4.1 million and club is offering $3.1 million)

Brian Moehler: $3 million 

Michael Bourn: $2.4 million 

Matt Lindstrom: $1.625 million 

*Tim Byrdak: $1.6 million (has not finalized a contract; he wants $1.9 million and club is offering $1.3 million)

Geoff Blum: $1.5 million 

Jeff Keppinger: $1.15 million 

Chris Sampson: $815,000

Jason Michaels: $800,000 

Humberto Quintero: $750,000 

J.R. Towles: $406,500

Chris Johnson: $400,000

— Lee, Berkman and Oswalt will make a combined $48 million, which will be about half of the 2010 payroll.

— The total amount of committed money for these players, including the estimates for Pence, Rodriguez and Byrdak, is $91,896,500. When the rest of the younger unsigned players get deals done, you can see the payroll will be around $95 million 





Brian, shouldn?t Myers? $2 millions buyout be included in the 2011 payroll?
Also, did you include Brocail?s 250,000 buyout?
Do you know what the league minimum in 2010 is? I believe it was 400,000 in 09 but it may be higher in 10.

Thanks for your answer. I guess it?s not that important which year the buyout is paid. It does make a difference however if you?re a dreamer like me and hope the Astros consider adding a Mark Kotsay or an Endy Chavez (if I was totally insane I would even mention Rick Ankiel) as a back up OF. Kotsay made $1.5 million in 09, Chavez $2 million, (Ankiel, $2.8). If they could differ Myer?s buyout to the 2011 payroll, we?d have $2 millions to spend. Are the names mentioned completely out of reach, even in my scenario?
If so, would they consider bringing back Erstad?

Speaking of outfielder?I HAVE to ask this one?I know lots of questions today.
I?m sure you see it coming?Edmonds. He didn?t play in 09 but his record is really good, he was amazing in the OF, has/had some pop in his bat, and he bats left. Plus he told Larussa he?s willing to play for league minimum. A veteran at the twilight of his career + league minimum + former All Star/Gold Glove winner = low risk/high reward deal the Astros are usually very fond of. What do you say?

When you add in Lee’s signing bonus, he’s making $19 million…which is more than Pujols. Sheesh…hopefully it will be a long while until the Astros make that type of commitment again (or at least next time it will be a five tool player like Matt Holliday is, as opposed to a two tool player like Lee).

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