Astros ready for life after Lincecum

Here is the ultimate silver lining: the Astros won’t have to face Tim Lincecum on Tuesday night. It was evident from the first inning on Monday’s opener they had little chance against the two-time reigning NL Cy Young Award winner, who puzzled Houston for seven scoreless innings.

Lincecum is the best in the game, and the Astros weren’t up to the challenge. Still, Astros manager Brad Mills had to have liked what he saw from shortstop Tommy Manzella, who made every play at his position and even added a hit. J.R. Towles had an RBI double in the ninth, and were there two bigger question marks on offense than Manzella and Towles?

That being said, Tuesday’s game is huge. Not in the grand scheme of things, but for Wandy Rodriguez, who will make his first start of the season. Rodriguez had an awful spring and was roughed up mightily in his regular-season finale, so alarm bells could be warranted if he has a poor start. But a good start would pretty much wipe the slate clean.

The Astros will face lefty Barry Zito on Tuesday, so we could see Chris Johnson make his first start at third base. Johnson, as you know, had eight homers in the spring, so I think everyone is anxious to see him out there in the regular season and not rotting on the bench like he did last September.

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Sir: while it is nice to bask in the sunshine of these wins, we need to remember that in 2007 we passed on CHAD BETTIS A very GOOD POWER PITCHER– EIBNER A TWO WAY PITCHER / OUTFIELDER- A MIDINFIELDER DITRICH AND AN OUTFIELDER BY THE NAME OF STUBBS NOW PLATYING FOR THE REDS. IF we want these players we will have to use our highest draft picks to get them– AND it will be much more expensive than it would have been in 2007 to sign them. THANK YOU MR. SELIG!! This drayton is the reason the astros are in the trouble they are in — A COUPLE of $ million spent then would not only make your team stronger now but would have saved you money in the long run. GIVE BOBBY HECK $ 10 MILLION TO SPEND ON THIS DRAFT HE SHOULD BE ABLE TO GET 5 TO 8 GOOD PLAYERS AND RESTORE THE ASTROS MINOR LEAGUE SYSTEM TO RESPECTABILITY. JOHN BROWN

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