Bagwell fond of Bud Norris

Astros icon Jeff Bagwell, who is a special assistant to the general manager as well as a television analyst for Saturday home games, has had a chance to see several of the up-and-coming players in the Minor Leagues the last few years. And Bagwell likes what he has seen from Bud Norris, who won a spot in the Astros’ rotation this year but was roughed up in his debut Friday.

“I expect a lot from Bud Norris,” Bagwell said. “Bud has great stuff, he’s got a personality that maybe even his teammates don’t like. But I love him. Anybody that really loves baseball would love it. Bud is off the wall. He’s not arrogant, but he believes in his ability and he’s got tons of ability.

“He’s got a chance to be in our organization pitching first or second in the rotation for years to come, and so I’m excited about that. I truly love him, and I think he’s going to do great. I really do. That’s a nice thing for us for the future.”

Bagwell said developing pitching is crucial these days considering how expensive pitchers are on the open market.

“I remember back in 2001 our young kids coming up, we had Roy [Oswalt], Wade [Miller], Carlos [Hernandez] and Tim [Redding], and I remember sitting here talking to [Craig Biggio] and saying we have a chance to be good for while,” Bagwell said. “In today’s game it’s very hard to go out and pay for pitching because pitching costs so much money. You can get a 10-10 guy and you have to pay him $11 million and he has an ERA of 4.50. If we develop our own guys, we have time to keep them in our own nest.”


Here’s what Astros general manager Ed Wade had to say Saturday afternoon about the club’s 0-4 start:

“You’ve got to come out and play,” Wade said. “We’ve got a good ballclub and I know the guys that are struggling right now are going to hit. It’s not seven rookies we’re counting on to come through. There are guys with some pretty good track records who are struggling right now, so it’s an adjustment they’re able to make on their own, but part of it is breathing through your eyes and relaxing and let it flow.

“As opportunities present themselves and guys are struggling, as is usually the case people begin to press a little bit and it becomes, ‘Are we going to win a game before we leave town? Are we going to win tonight?’ They’re hearing it at the grocery story and every place else they go, and it’s human nature to press a little bit.

“They just have to prepare and play, and that’s normally what they’ve done every game I’ve been around these guys. They prepare well and put their best foot forward.”


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