Mills vows to eliminate mistakes

Astros manager Brad Mills said there were some things that took place during Wednesday’s win over the Marlins that he felt he needed to address with his team. Mills didn’t get into many specifics, short of saying the base running had to be better.

The one specific issue Mills did address was a throw left-fielder Carlos Lee made in the fifth inning. With runners at first and second and one out, Gaby Sanchez hit a ball high off the left-field wall. Lee apparently threw to the wrong base while getting the ball back to the infield.

“We were talking to Carlos about where he’s going to throw the ball when that ball comes off the wall,” Mills said. “We talked about our baserunning for one thing. There were some other issues that I don’t want to really get into, but there was one significant issue we wanted to address what happened last night and we did and we’re moving on.

“Those little things might not show up last night as a big issue, but it will rear its head at some point in the near future if it’s not addressed, and that’s what we want to do.”

The Astros struggled on the bases Wednesday. Lee was caught stealing to end the first inning, and Lance Berkman was thrown out by a large margin trying to steal third base in the sixth inning. Lee also went to first to third on a grounder in the eighth, though he made it safely to third because of a pair of bad throws.

“We’re open to using anchors-are-us online if we could order some anchors for our guys so they just stop running,” Astros general manager Ed Wade said. “We have to run the bases smart, particularly when we have some guys struggling at the plate. We can’t give outs away. You want to be aggressive and things happen, but last night they were really happening.”


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