The roof is closed, but not because of twilight

The roof was closed at Minute Maid Park for Thursday’s series finale against the Reds, but it has nothing to do the ball that center-fielder Michael Bourn and right-fielder Hunter Pence lost in the twilight sky Wednesday, which led to the Reds scoring four unearned runs in a 6-4 win.

The Houston area was experiencing high winds and ominous clouds hovered over the ballpark the entire afternoon.

“I think they’d rather have it open as much as they can, but we’re happy to have it closed,” Astros manager Brad Mills said.

Both Pence and Bourn said it’s extremely difficult to follow fly balls during twilight, and Mills said bullpen coach Jamie Quirk lost track of the ball that glanced off the glove of Hunter Pence in right-center field Wednesday. The play took place right in front of the Astros’ bullpen.


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I don’t know WHY they would rather have it open. We win that game last night if not for that error. Not to mention all the bugs in Houston.

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