Brett Myers proving to be a great pickup

Brett Myers is 1-2 with a 3.82 ERA in five starts for the Astros. Those aren’t terrific numbers, but they’re not bad, either. He’s certainly proven to be a solid addition, considering he occupies the No. 3 spot in the rotation nicely and he competes and eats innings. Other than the sudden influx of awful (and predictable and unoriginal) hip-hop music that now permiates the clubhouse almost every night, I’m glad the guy is around. He and I are inseparable these days.

Myers has pitched six innings twice and seven innings three times in five starts. Sure, he’s allowed 41 hits in 33 innings, but that’s his style. He attacks hitters and challenges them to hit his best stuff. Jason Heyward and Nate McLouth made him pay Friday by hitting homers, but if Myers gives up a pair of singles he usually works his way out of it. The homers have been few and far in between so far.

Sending Myers to the mound every five days gives the Astros piece of mind, the kind of which they wouldn’t have if Myers wasn’t around. Bud Norris would be occupying the No. 3 spot, and he’s young and has been inconsistent. Myers is a battler and a proven innings-eater and is doing just what the Astros hoped he would when owner Drayton McLane decided to go above his desired payroll goal and sign Myers to a deal with a guaranteed $5.1 million this year and potentially $11 million over two years.

So far, so good.


agreed, that was a good pickup, not sure it will pay off in wins, but the bullpen will be the better for it.

Are you saying that Myers is the source of the hip-hop? -100 respect points for him…

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