Where do the Astros go from here?

J.R. Towles may have played his last game in an Astros uniform, and Roy Oswalt might wish he had. Towles admitted he was upset upon learning Tuesday he was being sent to Double-A, which could pretty much signal his time in Houston is done. He said he’s not sure where he stands in the organization, but it can’t be good.

The Astros, not surprisingly, are in need of a veteran catching presence, and Kevin Cash will bring that behind the plate. He’s won World Series rings with the Red Sox and Yankees. He’s not much of a hitter, so perhaps he will fit right in.

Houston’s offensive woes are mind-boggling. The Astros are hitting .235 as a team with nine home runs and only 49 walks in 26 games. They’ve been held to two or fewer runs seven times in their eight-game losing streak and 15 time this season.

How is it possible that Carlos Lee (.198, no home runs), Hunter Pence (.215) and Lance Berkman (.200) are all struggling at the same time? Berkman missed the first 12 games and hardly got any at-bats in Spring Training, so perhaps there are some timing issues. As for Lee and Pence? Who knows.

You can’t help but feel badly for Roy Oswalt, who is pitching great to start the season. He held Arizona to five hits and one extremely long solo homer Tuesday to fall to 2-4 despite a 2.47 ERA and six quality starts in as many outings. He’s posted a 3.12 ERA in his four losses, and the club has scored only three runs during his 26 innings of work in those losses.

That would be enough to make anybody go a little crazy, or perhaps think of requesting a trade. It’s probably too early for that kind of stuff, but Oswalt left Minute Maid Park on Tuesday trying to hide his anger and frustration. He had plenty of company.


I hope we do finally realize it’s time to unload at this summer’s deadline and let Berkman/Oswalt/even Lee go play out their years with contenders and try to put some rings on those fingers, because none of them will be playing in 2017 when Heck’s work is through and we have a competitive team again. Personally, I’d like to see Oswalt go to the Rays, I believe they have a very big shot at winning the WS this year.

Drayton needs to sell this team to someone with a brain, and I mean right now. Finally, at long, LONG last, I thought he had wised up and would give a REAL shot to Towles. Instead, he’s platooned with the offensively-hopeless Quintero (actually, Q has started more games than Towles! Starting catcher my butt!!!), given just ONE month, fails no worse than everyone else in the lineup, and is sent down in favor of a 33 year old journeyman with a career batting average of .186. This is absolutely the end, Drayon. If you think you’re ever seeing one more penny from me, you’re dead wrong. It is YOUR burden to provide your customers with a quality product, and THEN we pay you for it. You’re a businessman, you should understand how that works. You have failed MISERABLY to provide a quality product. You have even failed to proved any HOPE for a quality product in the future by continuing to play useless journeymen like Quintero and Cash over talented young prospects. This is the end Drayton, it ends for me here. The walls of the room I sit in now are painted in Astro colors, and bedecked with every kind of poster, pennant, flag, sign and calendar you’ve thought to market to me. I’ve watched EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. over the last five years. I’ve jumped for joy when we’ve won, and wept when we’ve lost. I’ve poured my very heart and soul into this team, and you have trampled and spat upon me in return. It ends now. LET’S GO TEXANS!!!

All I can tell you is I asked Towles what he was told, asked team officials what they thought of Towles and put a story together. Reckless speculation wouldn’t serve any purpose. It might for some, but not for me.

Whatis th real reason Towles is cut? Does he have a bad attitude or other personal problems? I feel sorry for the kid. If he goes down then why not Norris who clearly needs more seasoning. Quintero is an aweful hitter and gets excited and throws the ball away more times than not. How about some real investigative reporting Tag instead of the company line. If this was New York we sure would know the reasons.

hey tag you got the inside scoop. why is sullivan still with the major league club? and still getting more at bats than blum?

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