Batting practice pictures

Alyson Footer, the Astros senior director of digital media, isn’t with the club on its trip to St. Louis, so I felt compelled to take some batting practice photos and post them on my blog. I don’t quite have Alyson’s skills, but I don’t want anyone to have withdrawal symptoms.

So here goes:


misc 003.jpg

Lance Berkman, Bobby Meacham and Brad Mills watch Cardinals batting practice

misc 004.jpg

Geoff Blum plays catch with the arch inthe background. I would say he’s in the shade for effect, but it’s amateur photography.

misc 005.jpg

Carlos Lee tries to drag the infield. Why a LF is doing this, I have no idea.

misc 006.jpg

Humberto Quintero takes a swing during BP with his back pocket sticking out. This is an ongoing problem.

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Not bad for a first go at it. You didn’t pester Berkman nearly enough to really be doing Alyson’s job though.

And Lee is El Caballo, it’s not so shocking to see him hitched to something and dragging it around, is it?

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