Bourn to appeal suspension

Astros general manager Ed Wade said center fielder Michael Bourn plans to appeal the two-game suspension and fine handed to him Tuesday by Major League Baseball, which means the Gold Glove winner would be available to play tonight against St. Louis.

Bourn has been suspended for two games and fined an undisclosed amount for his aggressive actions, including making contact with umpire Alfonso Marquez, during the bottom of the ninth inning of Saturday’s game against the San Diego Padres at Minute Maid Park. Bob Watson, vice president of on-field operations for Major League Baseball, made the announcement.

“I called Michael this morning to make him aware of the suspension and fine and he was going to contact the Players’ Association to file an appeal,” Wade said. “They’ll schedule a hearing out of New York at some point in time, either face-to-face or by some type of video conferencing, and until that point comes Michael will be available.”

Wade believes the punishment was too severe.

“I talked to Bob Watson last night and he made me aware we were probably heading in that direction,” Wade said. “We feel the contact was coincidental and Michael did not intend to bump Alfonso Marquez. We disagree with the severity of the punishment and hopefully it gets reversed or reduced at some point in time.”



Is it just ME……or are these Umps “looking” for trouble?????
Marquez was just waiting for someone to challenge him,
and he got his wish. Throwing out Bourn one day, and Mills
the next. AND………I KNOW Q wasn’t trying to show him up!
Q couldn’t say Sh*t if he had a mouth full of it. I remember
you and I had a conversation on the phone about this VERY
topic last year on 790am with John Lopez. I’m quite sure if Roy had reacted again to one of his BLATENT bad calls, he
would have joined Mills inside the clubhouse. Becky)🙂

Too start with, Bourn was IMMEDIATELY ejected from the game by Marquez. Emotions were running high for the Astros at the time, and I believe Bourn should have been given a warning before being ejected. Plenty of players have reacted in the same manner (or worse), without being ejected. Also, I believe that if you watch the film, you will see that Marquez was also moving at the time the contact was made; so who bumped whom? Unfortunately I was in the ER with my mother-in-law and did not see what precipitated Mills’ ejection on Sunday; but I firmly believe that Bourn’s ejection on Saturday was a knee jerk reaction from a jerk.

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