Roy O is taking on new meaning

Remember last year when Roy Oswalt‘s biggest problem was a club-record 16 no-decisions? Those were the good times.

The lack of run support for Oswalt this season has been nothing short of shocking. Oswalt has given the Astros nine quality starts out of the chute and is stuck with a 2-6 record despite a 2.66 ERA that’s among the best in the league. Sure, Oswalt has started games against Tim Lincecum (twice), Roy Halladay and Ubaldo Jimenez, but there was also a Bronson Arroyo and Ian Kennedy in the mix.

Considering the Astros are last in the NL in nearly every major offensive category, the abysmal run support shouldn’t be surprising. Still, it’s even more egregious when Oswalt is on the mound. The Astros have scored four runs in 39 innings this year in Oswalt’s six losses and have been shut out in two of his nine starts and held to two runs or fewer four other times.

Oswalt, who expressed some frustration last week in San Francisco after giving up two runs in seven innings in his second loss of the season to Lincecum, said all the right things after getting beat by Jimenez and the Rockies on Thursday. But no one summed up Oswalt’s plight better than teammate Michael Bourn.

“You feel for somebody like that, who’s going out there and throwing hard and has been putting in all the work and not saying anything about it, but you know it hurts,” Bourn said. “I would be hurt if I were the ace and we weren’t getting any runs behind him.

“He’s got all the right to be mad if he wants to. He deserves to win. He should be 5-1, 6-1, easily, just like Lincecum and Halladay. We’ve just got to put up some runs for him. You give him a comfortable lead, two or three runs, and he doesn’t have to be as fine. He doesn’t think he has to do this and do that and can just go out there and pitch.”

Oswalt’s next start should come Wednesday at Milwaukee against left-hander Chris Narveson, who’s got twice as many wins as Oswalt and double the ERA. Sometimes life — and baseball — isn’t fair.


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The frustration on Roy’s face is painful to watch. The Umps
have squeezed the crap out of him this year. At least this
guy was as hard on Jimenez as he was on Roy, but that’s
no excuse for losing his cool on the mound. What was up
with Q tonight?? He and Roy couldn’t get it together, and
man….it showed. I thought somebody was going to get thrown out o the game, in the first inning! It’s time to go get a witch, to put a spell on this clubhouse. They let Kaz
go………….WHO’S NEXT????????

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