Oswalt put on a show Wednesday

Roy Oswalt contends he’s not thinking at all about his recent trade request, and there’s no reason to believe otherwise. He made his first start Wednesday since news of the trade request became public and he pitched like a man trying to impress potential suitors.

Oswalt ran his string of quality starts to begin the season to 10, putting him one shy of the club record. He held the Brewers to four hits — three doubles and a single — and struck out nine batters. Oswalt fanned each spot in the Brewers’ batting order once.

The Astros might be more reluctant to trade Oswalt than his desire to be dealt, and the price will be steep. With each quality start Oswalt piles up, he becomes a hotter commodity, if that’s even possible. He’s pitching some of the best ball of his career at this point and he’s healthy, so there’s plenty of reasons teams will want him.

Plus, he’s Roy Oswalt. The track record speaks for itself.

Finding a team that can afford him and would be suitable enough for Oswalt to waive his no-trade clause will be a challenge, and frankly the thought of him not pitching in this rotation is a little scary. That being said, the way Oswalt is pitching and considering he wants out, Astros fans need to enjoy each and every one of his upcoming outings, especially if they are anywhere as good as he was against the Brewers.

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I wouldn’t miss Monday’s game for the world, Roy’s pitching like there’s a bulldozer involved and pretty soon people will be trading their first borns off for him.

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