Paulino has put it all together

I was among those who wanted to see Felipe Paulino out of the rotation after he put up a 5.40 ERA in April and really struggled in some starts. I was tired of hearing about his great stuff and the run support being poor. At some point you just have to win some games.

The Astros preached patience, and they really didn’t have very many other options anyway. They stuck it out with Paulino, and they are looking smarter by the day. He’s put together three solid starts in a row and is pitching with confidence and poise.

On Friday against the Cubs, he gave up five hits and one run in eight innings. He struck out seven and walked one batter unintentionally. Walks have been a problem this year, but he was around the plate all night, throwing 120 pitches (81 strikes).

The Astros’ starting pitching is looking pretty strong. Roy Oswalt has been terrific, Wandy Rodriguez is coming off a solid start, Brett Myers has been consistent and now Paulino is finding his groove. If Bud Norris can get healthy, better days are ahead.


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