Rodriguez struggles a concern

Wandy Rodriguez was the Astros’ best pitcher last year, leading the team in wins, strikeouts, games started and innings pitched while posting a career-low 3.02 ERA. Fast-forward to 2010, when Rodriguez is struggling mightily like he did prior to his breakout season of a year ago.

Roy Oswalt has pitched great to start the year, Brett Myers has been a fantastic addition and Felipe Paulino is showing signs of turning the corner, but Rodriguez has to give the Astros reason for concern. He’s 3-9 with a 5.60 ERA, so you can’t blame it on run support. He struggled with command Saturday against the Yankees, walking five batters, four of which scored.

In 72 1/3 innings this year, he’s allowed 91 hits, 30 walks and struck out 50 batters. He’s allowed nearly half the amount of hits and walks he did all of last year in 205 2/3 innings, and is well below his walk-to-innings pitched ratio.

So what do to? Nothing. Rodriguez still is able to dominate from time to time like he did last year, so the Astros will keep sending him to the mound and hoping he finds his location. Maybe the Rodriguez of 2009 will come through over his final 20 starts of the season. If not, the Astros will have to consider his future in the offseason.


Brian….Really??? That’s the biggest load of BULL CR*P,
I’ve ever heard from you. Wandy simply does NOT have “it”.
PERIOD. All the naysayer’s who dissed Myers need to take
a look at HIS win’s and losses! Frankly, I can not blame Oswalt for wanting out of here. NO one is hitting, other
than Manzella, and Pence. Wandy needs a “reality” check
while he’s busy spending that $5 million he got this winter.
Send him to RR for a couple of weeks, if he fails there……….
try to trade him.

Yes, the Yankees’ video game lineup got to Wandy. Let’s all panic and talk about shipping him to the Minors.

Give me a break. His high BAbip isn’t sustainable, and his strand rate has been low this year as well. His 4.34 xFIP bears it out; things WILL get better eventually. He will almost certainly never replicate his success from last season, but he’s an above-average pitcher. People need to take a breath and quit freaking out all the time. He doesn’t have “it?” Don’t make me laugh, what a ridiculous thing to say. Try looking up some numbers and basing your arguments on fact and logic, rather than jumping and screaming on a blog because you’re angry.

You don’t trade a player when he’s performing badly. You trade a player when he’s performing well. It’s called selling high.It seems some fans are pretty quick to forget that Wandy was hands-down the ace of the staff last year. He won’t keep performing like this. You wait until he’s performing better, then you think about trading him.

I’m not mad.

Ashitaka…….Just stating the facts son. Wandy sucks.

This has been the problem with the Stros for years. They hold on to players playing high so they can keep people in the seats. They don’t sell high and we no longer have a farm system in place. The past few years we have had guys we could have gotten some minor league help with if we traded them, but instead held onto. We need to sell high, we just don’t know how….

Refresh my memory but didn’t Wandy say about a week before this season started that he was NOT READY or prepared for the season to start? Maybe his arbitration hearing has somthing to do with his poor pitching so far? But the thing with Wandy is he has one good year then one really off year so maybe this is this really off year and as fans should we be having to put up with his yoyo type years instead of trying to be more consistent which he has never been since he’s been with the Astros. As for our rotation I would love seeing Oswalt, Myers,Norris,Paulino and Wright as our top 5.

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