Biggio believes Bagwell will do great things

Before we get to the topic at hand, I would like to remind my readers this will be my last blog entry for a few days. I’m going to take some time off during the All-Star break, so play nicely until I return.

Craig Biggio, who spent 15 years as a teammate of Jeff Bagwell, had split emotions Sunday. He was saddened to hear friend and former teammate Sean Berry had lost his job as Astros hitting coach, but he was thrilled that Bagwell was taking his place.

“I’m happy for Baggy,” Biggio said. “He’s going to a great job and great things for some of these kids. Both of us feel sorry for Sean because he is a friend and this is the business side of things. It’s something [Bagwell] wasn’t looking at doing. I think he’s going to be really good at it. It’s what we do for a living, and he loves the game.”

Bagwell and Biggio are ranked 1-2 on the most of the club’s offensive record books, with Lance Berkman beginning to put his name in the mix in a few categories. Bagwell is the club’s all-time leader in homers with 449 and RBIs with 1,529, and Biggio said that will carry a lot of weight with the younger players.

“Baggy’s a great hitter,” Biggio said. “The kids have to be able to buy into the program you’re selling. Obviously, it was very successful for him and he’s an excellent hitter, a disciplined hitter. Whether you’re at the amateur level or in college and now kids in the pros, nobody walks anymore. Nobody’s concerned with on-base percentage.

“When we were in our heyday, we took walks, stole bases and got into scoring position. These are going to be the same things Jeff is going to address with a lot of these younger hitters, how to take a walk and take what the pitchers give you and get on base.”

Biggio, who played with Bagwell from 1991-2005, doesn’t envision following Bagwell back into a Major League dugout anytime soon. He recently guided St. Thomas High School in Houston to a private school state baseball championship, with both of his sons playing on the team.

For now, he’s content to let Bagwell put the uniform back on.

“They’re going to benefit from him,” Biggio said. “Sean’s a good friend and did a great job. The change was made and the kids are going to listen and work hard like they did for Sean and hopefully get the results on the field. For me, I know where I’m going to be for the next year, but who knows what the future is going to bring. I’m just excited for Jeff to have this opportunity and he’s going to do great.”

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