Astros close out season today

This is it. The Astros will play game No. 162 today at Minute Maid Park with the roof open and the Cubs in town. The Astros have slumped in the final two weeks, losing nine of 11 games, and need to win Sunday to avoid finishing in fifth place for the second year in a row.

Sure, winning 75 or 76 games can’t be considered a great success, but when you factor in the turmoil and the turnover the Astros had early in the season, their second-half push should provide reason for optimism. Brad Mills has done a nice job in his first season as manager and isn’t quite ready for the season to end..

“I made the comment last night to [general manager] Ed [Wade] when Ed came into visit that I wasn’t quite ready for the season to end,” Mills siad. “I wish we had a ways to go, but that’s not how it works. They tell us we can’t play anymore so we start planning and getting ready. From where we’ve came from in Spring Training and the start of the season and the things that we’ve done are definitely exciting for what’s coming with the core group of guys we have in there and we have to look forward to is very important.”

With that said, here is Mills’ final lineup:

CF Brian Bogusevic

2B Jeff Keppinger

RF Hunter Pence

LF Carlos Lee

3B Chris Johnson

1B Brett Wallace

C Humberto Quintero

SS Tommy Manzella

P Nelson Figueroa


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