Astros show interest in Bill Hall

The Astros had a couple of conversations Tuesday with the agent for free agent Bill Hall, a versatile player who hit 18 homers and drove in 46 runs for the Boston Red Sox last season. Hall has extensive experience at second base, which is an area the Astros are trying to upgrade.

“We’ve had a couple of conversations, but it was nothing very substantial,” said Terry Bross, the agent for Hall.

Astros general manager Ed Wade told reporters during a media briefing Tuesday afternoon the club is looking at options at second base. Jeff Keppinger won the starting job last season and led to the release of Kaz Matsui, but the club envisions second as a place where it can get better offensive production.

Hall, 30, is a career .250 hitter with 122 homers and 425 RBIs since he broke in with Milwaukee in 2002. He can play pretty much anywhere in the infield and can even handle some limited outfield duties, but he has extensive experience at second.

The Astros have already signed Clint Barmes to add some punch to the offense at shortstop, and Wade said second base is the one area on the field they could still upgrade.


Bill Hall 2010: .316 OBP
Keppinger 2010: .351 OBP

Attention Mr. Wade; try first fixing the things that are BROKEN instead of DOWNGRADING one of the few positions where we have a good player. Have you lost your blasted mind? Jeff Keppinger was one of the ONLY players who did ANYTHING positive offensively last season, and you want to bring in a guy who has hit .233 over the last FOUR SEASONS? This organization is the worst, the absolute worst.

I dont really understand… I mean Kepp hit really well last year. I think that if you’re going to sign somebody to platoon with Keppinger then it shouldn’t be somebody who is going to eat up more than $2 or $3 million maximum. Keppinger should be our every day starter at second. We should focus more on left field (I like the interest in Jack Cust) and a fifth starter to our rotation. Making it so that we have two starting second baseman is foolish. Unless the plan is to sign Hall and trade away Keppinger, that would make more sense. He could be used as trade bait based on his 2010 numbers. I don’t know, if I was the GM of the Astros, I wouldn’t even be interested in another middle infielder starter.

Introducing Bill Hall:

Once 2011 we are into 2011’s season, Wade is going to look like a genius on this acquisition alone.

Now don’t go having a stroke until you see who Bill Hall is.

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