Wallace is going to get a chance

Astros general manager Ed Wade admitted Wednesday the Astros are at this point unlikely to add a left-fielder to either start or split time with Jason Michaels if Carlos Lee winds up at first base. Wade said adding such a player would probably shut the door on Brett Wallace beginning the season at first, and the team isn’t ready to make that determination.

“The more we’ve talked about the composition of our club, we would love to see Brett Wallace be our first baseman,” he said. “If we go out and sign a left field of some magnitude with an expectation that he’s going to play in a platoon situation or regularly, we’re almost putting ourselves in a position of Carlos having to be the first baseman and that pushes Wallace off the page.

“I don’t want to create an environment where Brett’s opportunities disappear simply because of us acquiring someone else. If we get into Spring Training and Brett is struggling and we think moving Carlos [from left field] to first base makes sense at the time, we’re going to be evaluating [Brian] Bogusevic and others.”

Wade did admit the club had interest in Jack Cust, who signed with Seattle, but he was concerned about his defense.


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That reasoning makes no sense. Signing a left-fielder wouldn’t require Wallace to be pushed out, because it doesn’t require putting Lee at first base. Why can’t you sign a left fielder and push Lee to the bench as the highest paid, least productive pinch hitter in baseball. It’s pretty simple economic theory, sunk costs shouldn’t factor into the allocation of resources. You put the team on the field that will make the most money. And maybe that means a platoon situation at first base, where Wallace plays the home games, and Lee plays the away games. But Lee’s ridiculous salaray should have no bearing on who plays where, because the money you pay him is gone no matter what. Put a productive and watchable team on the field.

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