Scoreboard progress pictures

I spent a couple of hours at Minute Mark Park on Wednesday, talking with Hunter Pence, Bud Norris, Chris Johnson, Brett Wallace and Brian Bogusevic about their off-season workout routines and various other things that crossed our minds. The story about their off-season workouts will be posted soon.

While at the ballpark, I went into the dugout to check out the progress of the new scoreboard renovations. There’s not much to report with the massive new scoreboard that will be above right field, except the old board is completely gone. The ribbon board surrounding the stadium appears to be finished on the outside, and there’s progress on the new scoreboard that’s going in above the third-base line.

I took some pictures so you can check out the progress:

Ballpark ren.jpg

Above: The old scoreboard above right field is gone.

misc 021.jpg

Above: The new scoreboard going in above the third-base line.

misc 022.jpg

Above: Check out the ribbon board going around the facade just below the upper deck.

misc 023.jpg

Above: Chris Johnson talking with Bobby Meacham, with new scoreboard visible in background.

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Kudos on the excellent picture quality and size, I’ve been waiting to get a look at the progress and I can’t wait to see it vs the Red Sox in March

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