Young not coming to the Astros

If you’re pumped up about Rangers third baseman Michael Young listing the Astros as one of the teams he would approve being traded to, forget it.

My colleague T.R. Sullivan reported Monday night Young had listed the Cardinals, Yankees, Twins, Astros, Rockies, Dodgers, Angels and Padres as destinations to which he would approve a trade. While Young would like to wind up in Houston, the feeling isn’t mutual.

Not that the Astros don’t like Young’s tools and track record, but Young’s hefty contract would be too much for the Astros to take on. Astros general manager Ed Wade declined to comment on Young, citing a policy of not talking about trades.

Young, who asked the Rangers to trade him, is 34 years old and is due $48 million over the next three years and there’s a ton of deferred money that’s to be paid out with interest over the next few years, so it’s hard to blame the Astros for not exploring a trade with Texas.

Even so, trading for Young would go against everything the Astros have done the last few months. They’re in a mode of adding young players at the expense of older, more pricey players, and picking up a 34-year-old third baseman doesn’t fit that plan.


what about lee for young

Young’s contract is more burdensome than Lee’s.

So could we see Lee traded anytime soon for young players/ prospects

While Lee’s contract is less burdensome than Young’s and he may not fit “the plan”, there is no doubt or question that he fits with the Astros better than Lee. You need a mix of youth and vets to win in the league and we all know winning ultimately lies with pitching, BUT with Bill Hall on the team, you could trade Lee, move Hall out to left, and put Young there at 2nd AND not rush Delino Jr. as he obviously still has some growing up to do and in 3 yrs Young can pass the torch… The Astros have lacked a TRUE 2 hole hitter for years and if were getting YOUNG the lineup could be
4/Wallace-RH or Johnson-LH
6/Johnson-RH or Wallace-LH
— It just makes perfect sense for the team!! DO IT WADE AND DM!!! GO ASTROS!!!

Tags, if you are willing… address the point that, no matter who the Rangers deal with (assuming they do), speculation has it that they will have to kick in some amount of money to make it work for the other team. When you add that to the equation, from our outsider’s perspective, it at least conceivably could be sufficient to make Ed Wade tempted based on how it opens up some things for the roster–that is, since Young can play multiple infield positions, and especially since there remain doubter that CJ is either going to continue to hit well enough to remain the third baseman or that CJ’s injury prone-ness won’t rise up again in 2011.

I don’t think that this deal is half as unlikely as many are saying or hoping. If you look at Young’s list of eight teams (whom we know Texas is dealing with first), four of them (Yankees, Rockies, Cardinals & Twins) are openly uninterested. The Padres already dumped Adrian Gonzalez to save money, so they can’t afford Young, and both Los Angeles teams would want Texas to eat most of Young’s salary, which is more unlikely than a contract-for-contract swap like Young-for-Lee. Plus Lee actually does fill a need for Texas and Young would do likewise for Houston, so… there it is. Until we hear from Wade, McLane or Lee directly saying no, I’m counting nothing out.

The rangers would be smart to go get Lee, because they need a DH, and Lee is meant to be an A.L. DH. Also, if they are scared about losing fanbase we would send the whole el Caballo (idk how to spell it) crew over to texas. 48/3 = 16 mill. the next 3 years for michael, but we are gonna pay carlos 18.5 mill.??? I think the swap just makes PERFECT SENCE!!!!!!!!

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