Meet Bill Hall, plus photos of Wednesday workout

Veteran second baseman Bill Hall arrived at Astros camp Wednesday morning and spoke to the media shortly after finishing working out for the day. Here are a few of the questions Hall addressed:

Q: How does if feel to finally get down here?

A: “I’ve been anticipating this for a long time. Once that new year turns over, everybody starts thinking baseball. I’ve been watching [MLB] Network for the past month and half, getting mentally ready with anticipation. I’m excited, obviously, being around a group of guys with so much talent and a lot of youth. I kind of had this clubhouse in Milwaukee, so I fit in just fine. I’m excited about what this team can do.”

Q: Were you able to work much today with shortstop Clint Barmes?

A: “I didn’t get to get as much work in on the infield as a normal day. I had a red eye last night, so my body doesn’t feel too great. I made it through and got a little work in. Obviously, I’m going to get out there tomorrow. We have to get to work fast. We have a month to get on the same page because once April starts, there are no excuses. I can’t be looking to him wondering what he’s going to do. We have to know by eye contact on what we’re going to do, and that’s going to take a lot of work and I think both of us are up to the task.”

Q: You’ve said it’s nice to come in an be an everyday player, but what about playing the same position?

A: “Definitely. It’s something I’ve learned not to take for granted. You have to go out and get the job done and that’s the most important part. I feel like in the past, I wasn’t given full opportunity to become a guy [who plays one position]. I’ve been blessed with some athletic ability, and it’s easy to say, ‘Hey, can you go out there and do this for us now?’ I’m the type of team guy that said yes all the time and as I look back on it I might have said, ‘Maybe not this time’ after it happened a few times, but I’m excited about this opportunity. I played a lot of second in Boston last year when Dustin [Pedroia] got hurt. That’s a position I’m comfortable with, especially playing as much as I did last year. For my body type right now, it’s a good position and it fits well for me.”

Q: What is your first opinion about this clubhouse?

A: “This team is what you would say is in a transition period with Roy [Oswalt] being gone and [Lance] Berkman being gone, and they have some younger guys who are expected to go out and produce and help this team win. In Milwaukee, I was one of the first guys to come – prospects – and I was in the clubhouse first and got to be with all those other guys who are turning into superstars now, with Ryan Braun, Prince Fielder, Rickie [Weeks] and J.J. [Hardy], when he was there. All of us came up at the same time as a group and had to learn how to win together and know the meaning of going out and competing every day. That’s the knowledge I can give to these guys, being that I was through it before and I know what they’re feeling.

Here are some photos of Wednesday’s workout:
spring day 8 001.jpg

Above: Enos Cabell gets acquainted with newcomer Bill Hall.

spring day 8 002.jpg

Above: New middle infielders Bill Hall and Clint Barmes take some strategy.

spring day 8 004.jpg

Above: Get a look at Jimmy Paredes, a switch-hitting infielder acquired in Berkman deal from the Yankees. He looks very impressive.

spring day 8 005.jpg

Above: Hunter Pence waits to hit on one of the back fields.

spring day 8 006.jpg

Above: Shoe-less pitchers work on sliding under the direction of third-base coach Dave Clark.

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