No shame in sweep to Phils

The Astros are 0-3 for the second year in a row heading into a series at Cincinnati, which just swept the Brewers to improve to 3-0. One tough assignment leads to another.

Starting the season with three consecutive losses in games started by Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee and Roy Oswalt — all of whom delivered quality starts — is nothing to hang your head about, but the Astros need to tighten some things. Wandy Rodriguez and Bud Norris need to get better next time through the rotation, and guys like Bill Hall and Brett Wallace need to come around at the plate.

But, hey, it’s only three games. It’s too early to make any grand assessments or push any panic buttons.

“We battled and we would have liked to have come out with a couple of wins, but we’ll try to get them next time,” Chris Johnson said.

Here are a few stats after three games for the Astros:

Batting average: .231

ERA: 7.40

Runners in scoring position: 4-for-20

Strikeouts by hitters: 28

Walks drawn: 3 (1 intentional)


Well………some of us are wondering if this is another
ugly start to the season. Ed Wade had better be doing
some fancy talking, if this club goes to Cincinnati, and gets
swept there TOO.

If you are not panicking……..WE ARE!

I know you have to spin for the team because you work for them but seriously, we would have won the first game had it not been for Brad Mills.
His stock came way down with me when he chose loyalty to his closer over winning the game.

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