Hall hoping adjustments pay off

Bill Hall struck out all three times he came to the plate Sunday, which certainly didn’t put him in select company considering how well Brewers starter Randy Wolf pitched against the Astros. Hall, Hunter Pence, Carlos Lee, Jason Michaels and Chris Johnson combined to go 0-for-17 in the third through seventh spots in the order.

Hall has swung the bat batter in recent days, going 1-for-3 in Friday’s series opener and 3-for-4 in Saturday’s game. He’s hitting .225 (16-for-71) with one homer and seven RBIs. He also has more strikeouts (26) than he does total bases (25).

“I felt like I swung the bat well for the most part,” Hall said of his weekend series against the Brewers. “I’m looking to carry this forward. I made some mechanical changes to my swing and kind of figured out why I was in between on a lot of pitches, fouling balls off. I know what I was doing wrong, and if I keep the same swing path for the rest of the year I’m going to be right where I need to be.”

Hall wasn’t getting his hands in position early enough, which was causing him to hit foul balls and not be able to stay on top of the ball.

“I couldn’t keep the barrel of my bat up,” he said. “I made a correction on the day after I hurt my ankle [Wednesday in New York]. In BP, I kind of figured it out. In New York, I had a really good BP, and hitters know their swing path and I kept working on it and was putting the barrel of the bat on the ball.”

Third baseman Chris Johnson, who’s hitting .181, has 20 strikeouts in 72 at-bats and 20 total bases.

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