A feature on Jim Crane

Here’s a video posted by the NCAA about Jim Crane, who is leading a group to buy the Astros:


A whole lot of people don’t share your thoughts about this guy. Heavily leveraged, and by the time all the “t”‘s have been dotted, he will probably have to cut the budget even more than Drayton did this year. I have to wonder if Bud Selig is gonna sign off on this deal. Look at the money problems the Dodgers have, and the Mets. I don’t trust someone, who has tried to by as many teams as this guy.
I hope like hell the Astros don’t go from the frying pan, into the fire.

I’ve got news for you; we’re already IN the fire. We were still in the pan last year before trading the two best players on the team (Oswalt and Berkman).

I have no thoughts on Crane. I’ve never met the man. I just posted a video.

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