Bourn tired of “Let’s go Red Sox!” chants

Astros center fielder Michael Bourn – and probably the rest of his teammates – doesn’t like seeing Minute Maid Park full of so many Red Sox fans. There was a large and vocal Red Sox contingent during this weekend’s series against Boston.

“Their fan base is huge,” Bourn said. “When we are playing the Red Sox, you hear ‘Let’s go Red Sox!’ loud. I’m like, ‘We’re in our home stands.’ I want to hear, ‘Let’s go Astros!’ I don’t want to hear a visiting team overtaking our team. We have to get our fans to come out and the only way we can do that is by winning.”



I think he said it best with “the only way we can do that is by winning”. I had a chance to go to Denver next month to watch the series with the Rockies, and I turned it down specifically because I don’t want to pay to watch this team.

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Message to bourn, If you win, They will cheer for you. But as long as the Astros continue to play as bad as they are now, you will lose every fan out there. I’m very glad I got to watch the 1980’s Astro teams and can appreciate everything they gave back to us fans. However it could be much worse then it is now, we could have had Frank McCourt as owner.

If other teams fans fill the ballpark when Houston can’t, thats what happens. But what I found to be a slap in the face was the playing of Sweet Caroline. I can’t believe that happened, even my wife who rarely watches baseball with me said “Isn’t that the Red Sox song?”.. Someone at the Astros completely missed the boat on that one.

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