Mills holds closed-door meeting

Astros manager Brad Mills held an extended closed-door meeting prior to Wednesday’s series finale against the Pirates that lasted more than an hour. Mills and a handful of players stood up and addressed how to get the Astros going in the right direction during the nearly meeting.

“Any time you’re going through a time like we’re going through, there’s a lot of things you need to talk about, and that’s what we kind of have to go through,” Mills said. “It’s a great group of guys that want to compete and be good and have the ability to be good. They have a lot of talent out here with the way they play. To hear them talk about that was good.”

When asked why he decided to have a meeting Wednesday, Mills didn’t offer many details.

“There was some situations that kind of came up in [Tuesday] night’s game that preempted a little bit of that, but then it was not just [Tuesday] night’s game,” Mills said. “There was other things we have to talk about.”

There will be more at soon.


Chris Johnson.

Trading KEP was NOT to improve the team!!! IT WAS A SALARY DUMP!!! They are going to bring the team costs down to the $ 30 to $ 40 million level!! JOHN BROWN

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