Biggio happy for Jeter

Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter joined the 3,000 hit club on Saturday, becoming the first member of the elite group since Craig Biggio collected his 3,000th career hit more than four years ago. Biggio was asked by for his thoughts on Jeter’s accomplishment.

“I think for Derek, in general, he’s been such a great player and a great role model for the game of baseball, where you’re in that New York market and it’s one of the most difficult markets to work in,” Biggio said. “For him to be able to play there and be the ambassador of the game he has been and be such a great player, it’s really says a lot about him. I’m happy for him.”

Biggio knows Jeter will be savoring the moment he gets 3,000, but thinks he’ll appreciate it more as he gets older.

“He’s going to enjoy it after he’s passed it,” he said. “I think what happens, it gets to a point you want it to happen quickly because you’re tired of year teammates having to answer questions about it in every city you go to. ‘What do you think about it?’ In his mind, he can’t get there soon enough.

“The sooner he gets there and gets it, he’s going to enjoy that moment. After the fact and after it happens, he’s really going to savor the moment, really look at it and think how hard it was to do that and get there.”

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