Pence could be on the move

The Astros appear to be moving closer to trading All-Star right-fielder Hunter Pence, has learned.

As of Thursday afternoon, at least six teams are involved in negotiations to acquire Pence, according to a person close to the situation. No deal is imminent, and Astros general manager Ed Wade declined to comment when reached by

The interest in Pence has picked up considerably since Carlos Beltran was acquired by the Giants from the Mets.

KRIV-TV in Houston reported on its website Thursday the Reds, Phillies and Braves, along with three teams in the American League, are in the negotiations.



NO! Please don’t do this! I can handle rebuilding. I can handle losing 100 games. I can understand the need to bring in cheaper prosective talent. But trading Pence is just plain dumb. Who will they market the team around? Carlos Lee? Uh, no. Chris Johnson? No. Bud Norris? Not likely. This is plain stupid. No number of prospects are worth it. None. He’s the leader. He’s the fan favorite. He’s an exciting player to watch. if he’s gone, this team will be empty, with no soul. It will be a disgrace. I wear a bag on my head at games now…If they trade Pence, I’ll just stop watching baseball altogether.

The Phils need to go ahead and get this deal done already. Hunter Pence needs to be a Phillie.

Oh my. If Ed Wade is doing this I’m nervous. Make them take Carlos Lee instead.

completely ridiculous. rebuilding is one thing, but trading away the face of the franchise (2 years in a row) and leaving the team with no real veteran leadership presence in the clubhouse is frankly idiotic.

going to the braves??? rumors are intensifying

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it would kinda be nice if the red sox get pence. hes a .300 hitter this year and he is a right handed right fielder. thats what the red sox are looking for.



Would the Phillies be willing to include Dominic Brown in the trade?

I would rather have Dominic Brown than Singleton, but need at least two pitching prospects.

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