Pence: ‘I love Houston’

With the Astros possibly getting closer to a deal to trade Hunter Pence, the right-fielder admitted following Thursday night’s win over the Cardinals that he couldn’t help but think it might have been his last game in an Astros uniform.

“What can I say? I’m not in control,” he said. “I love these guys, I love Houston. That’s all I know.”

The Phillies are pushing hard for Pence and could be willing to offer pitcher Vance Worley, outfielder Domonic Brown and a Minor League pitcher.

Pence went 2-for-4 with two doubles on Thursday to raise his average to .309, saying he benefited from a day off.

“Sometimes when you get to watch a game you know it kind of slows things down for you,” he said. “Things were piling up and was making mistakes of the past and trying to do too much just to make up for it. It made me realize…slow the game down.”


OMG. There are no words.

Jim Crane will regret this move. I can NOT believe he’s gonna let “The village idiot”
trade Hunter Pence. Ed Wade is a waste of breathable air.

Yeah because we win so much with Pence. Worley and Brown would help things even in this pitiful season and would benefit down the road. Anybody whose over 25 and worth something should be dealt.

Once again our stupid front office *cough cough not naming any names here but, EDWARD WADE!!* kills our team of any true, reliable talent and ships them off to Phillie! Ugh I haven’t been watching any games bc it’s been too painful. If Ed Wade makes the 2nd worst mistake of his Astros career, 1st being trading Berkman!, I sincerely hope that Crane gives him the biggest boot the jerks been deserving for years!

Hunter, we love you here in Houston. But, if trading you can make the team competitive sooner – we gotta pull the trigger, My one hope is that it gets you a ring and us too

… If Vance Worley is involved, as well as Brown -and- some prospects, the only one getting fleeced is the Phillies.

Well, unless it works out like JA Happ, but that seems less likely.

If we can get 3 quality prospects back or any combination along with Dominic Brown the trade will be well worth it in the long run. I’ll miss Hunter but it has to be done.

There are no words… Is nothing sacred? =(

As a lifetime fan of 40 years, it makes no sense to trade a young stud OF for prospects. Tbese idiots running the club now are killing me. The are becoming a joke of rhe league. The Minors are Horrible and MLB talent the league
s worst. I was hoping in my lifetime, a title would come but deals like this puts the plan back 10 years.

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