Which young player has you most excited?

Tag’s Lines — and Tags — is back at work today, so everyone on their toes.

With J.B. Shuck on his way to Houston following his promotion from Triple-A Oklahoma City, the Astros have another fresh face in the clubhouse. Shuck, a left-handed-hitting outfielder, will be the third player to make his Major League debut since last week’s trade of Hunter Pence, joining J.D. Martinez and Jimmy Paredes.

That brings us to a long-awaited poll question.


Surprising results so far. I wouldn’t have expected JD to be the leader. I thought Altuve would run away with this vote. BTW, I wanted to hoose 2 players….pitchers shouldn’t count! ;D

For the life of me, I don’t know how anyone is saying anything but Lyles. People are wigging out over a handful of MLB at-bats and ignoring that Lyles is younger, with a better ceiling and has shown pretty good results over a MUCH longer span than Martinez or Altuve. I really don’t get how it’s anyone besides Lyles right now.

Jose Carlos Altuve-Houston Astros

I like Altuve,Paredes and Martinez,but Martinez is our only hope for legitimate power with the possible exception of Singleton.


Lyles does not necessarily have a higher ceiling than Altuve or Martinez. The three of them are all pretty similar in that they were high floor, low ceiling top 100 prospects. (Altuve and Martinez were not quite top 100 prospects before this season, but they became top 100 prospects this year.)

I’m surprised more haven’t gone with Paredes. How can you look at that frame, his swing and athleticism and not think future star? If he can beef up and stay focused he will be a perennial all-star. You heard it here first.

Austin – you have a point about Lyles, but I’m looking at overall talent moreso than results and Lyles just really hasn’t impressed me a lot. He doesn’t exactly blow hitters away. That being said he should be a good pitcher, but not a great one.

I agree with Terri pitchers shouldn’t count. But if they did I’d take Cosart over Lyles. If I were choosing sides for a pickup basketball game I’d take Paredes. Altuve and Martinez have just marched thru the minors and hit in every league. So to me its between those two.I take JD because I think power is more important.

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