Astros lineup for Sunday

The Astros will try to avoid a sweep Sunday at the hands of the Milwaukee Brewers at Minute Maid Park, with Bud Norris on the mound.

Here is the Astros starting lineup:

RF J.B. Shuck

2B Jose Altuve

CF Jason Bourgeois

1B Carlos Lee

LF J.D. Martinez

3B Jimmy Paredes

SS Clint Barmes

C Carlos Corporan

RHP Bud Norris

1 Comment

Why. Why. WHY does Brad Mills Keep messing with his player’s heads?!?!?

“Hey J.D, I know you have 2 HR (one near HR) a 2B and 7 RBI’s in two games in the three hole this year, but let’s try you in the #5 spot the night after you hit another laser shot 3R home run.” J.D. Martinez should be our #3 hitter until he proves he doesn’t belong in that spot. PERIOD. End of Story.

Lineups like these are making Brad Mills look more and more like another huge reason for the Astros’ troubles this year. He seems to be just another Yes-Man to Drayton in the mold of one Tim Purpura, and one that seems to think he will loose his job after the season by the way he has managed the last few games (I’m about 50/50 on him staying or leaving at this point.)

If Angel Sanchez plays one more game in place of Paredes at 3B in the 3 hole (his place in the lineup the other night was more mind boggling in and of itself compared to him taking playing time away from Paredes) this year; Mills needs to be stabbed in the eye with a hot soldering iron.

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