Downs not happy with strike call

Versatile Astros infielder Matt Downs was fit to be tied following Tuesday night’s 11-9 loss to the D-backs at Chase Field. Downs struck out with runners at second and third base in the ninth inning and believed he had drawn a walk on a 3-1 pitch that was inside and called a strike by CB Bucknor.

“The 3-1 I thought was a ball way, way, way, way in and I came back and looked at the video and the ball is not just a ball off the plate, but real inside,” Down said. “It changes the game completely when you go from 3-1, walk to 3-2 and a strikeout. I get tired of umpires going back to the hotel and smoking their cigars and thinking they did a good job on the night and I have to go back on a failure after I feel like I walked 3-1 instead of punching out out 3-2. Some kind of action has got to be taken on a bonehead called like that.”

Downs asked Bucknor if the ball was inside.

“I said ‘I think that ball’s in,'” he said. “He told me if I didn’t swing next time it would be a 3-2 strikeout. So he told me it was a strike all the way, a great pitch. After looking at the film, I realize it was not.”

Downs would like to see umpires held more accountable for their calls.

“My stats are put in the paper every day and everybody knows if I fail or succeed,” he said. “I think some kind of action has got to be taken to where we realize if the guy’s blown a call or not and he’s held accountable.”


Tell him to stand in line. The Umpires have a union……..they don’t give a crap
WHAT a batters average is. Ask Wandy.

CB has been calling bad games this year for the Astros! He made some bad calls in Chicago when the Astros were there!

As if the season weren’t torturous enough, this is the fourth series, I believe, that we have had C.B. Bucknor’s crew.

Bucknor, Joe West, Angel Hernandez, and Bob Davidson all need to be released from their contracts for the good of the game of baseball.

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People……the umpires mentioned above aren’t going anywhere.
Remember, they have a *UNION*!!!

Union or not, if you screw up on the job, you should be held accountable. (And please, people, let’s NOT get on some mindless political siderail. This is a baseball blog.)

Downs is right. That call was utter dogcrap and changed the face of the game. It also probably affected the rest of the at-bat. And I hope Downs isn’t penalized for saying the truth. MLB needs to get their butts off the schneid and put things straight; the tail should not wag the dog.

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