Wandy claimed, so now what?

We know that Astros left-hander Wandy Rodriguez was claimed off waivers by the Colorado Rockies. The Rockies aren’t a contender by any stretch, so their motives behind claiming Rodriguez are a little fuzzy. Maybe they wanted to block him from going to Arizona for the next three years, or maybe they actually have interest in adding him a month after trading away Ubaldo Jimenez.

Whatever the case, the Astros and Rockies have 48 hours — until noon CT Thursday — to resolve the situation. At this point, three things can happen:

1. The Astros and Rockies can work out a trade.

2. The Astros can simply give Rodriguez (and his contract) to the Rockies in exchange for a $20,000 waiver claim.

3. The Astros, either unable or unwilling to work out a trade, can pull Rodriguez off waivers, which would mean he’d remain with the Astros for the rest of the season.

The most likely scenario is the Astros wind up keeping Rodriguez. They had difficulty trading him prior to the non-waiver Trade Deadline in part because of the $36 million he would be owed after this year if he switches teams. The Astros would likely be asked to take on some of that money.

Unless the Astros get blown away in a trade offer from the Rockies, they would probably just to hold onto him until the offseason and try to deal him again. Of course, they might be so eager to free up more payroll that they could simply give Rodriguez to the Rockies, making Colorado responsible for the rest of his contract. That’s a risk the Rockies took.

Interestingly, Rodriguez pitches against the Rockies on Wednesday afternoon in Denver, so they will get an up-close look at Rodriguez, who’s had a pretty good year (9-9, 3.31 ERA) on a team that’s 44 games under .500. We’ll know by Thursday afternoon if he’s going to remain with the Astros for the rest of the year or will be wearing a Rockies uniform.

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At the time, I didn’t like the current contract Wade offered to Wandy and now it comes back to bite the Astros (same for Myers). I never liked the Carlos Lee signing but that’s another story. The deal killer probably continues to be a huge player option ($13M ?) if Wandy is traded. Pretty steep for a pitcher in his mid 30’s.


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