Astros’ lineup Saturday vs. Giants

The Astros can clinch the season series against the Giants with a win on either Saturday or Sunday. They’ll send Brett Myers to the mound, with the right-hander trying to snap a personal seven-game losing streak. Here is the Astros’ lineup:

2B Jose Altuve

CF Jason Bourgeois

LF J.D. Martinez

1B Carlos Lee

RF Jason Michaels

3B Jimmy Paredes

SS Clint Barmes

C Humberto Quintero

RHP Brett Myers


J Mike in right. Now I will not watch the game. I guess Bogey striking out with a runner on third did it./

Please please please Tags… I don’t know how much you monitor the Astros forums, but many of us are BEGGGGGGING you to PLEEEEEASE, at least POSE THE QUESTION to our friend Mr. Brad Mills…

In the current environment where (a) you and Ed Wade are on record as wanting to give the young guys their opportunities and (b) certain older players, particularly Jason Michaels, aren’t really collecting stats that demand playing time… WHY OH WHY is a player like that STARRRRTINNNNNG?!?!?!?

JASON MICHAELS. You have *GOT* to be kidding me.Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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