Pendleton “super excited” to return to Astros

Lance Pendleton, who spent nearly the entire spring in Astros camp after he was taken in the Rule 5 Draft, was claimed on waivers Friday by his hometown club and will report to the Astros on Saturday – his 28th birthday – in time for the game against the Nationals in Washington.

“I’m super excited to get picked up and it makes it even better that it’s with the Astros,” Pendleton told

Pendleton, a right-hander, was in Houston on Friday when Astros general manager Ed Wade called and informed him he had been claimed. He gave him the option of flying to Washington to meet the team or just catching up the Astros when they return home Monday.

“Ed Wade called and said, ‘Hey, looks like we’re doing this all over again,’” Pendleton said. “I said, ‘Sounds good to me.’ He told me I could take my full three days and meet them on Monday or meet us there, and I said, ‘No, I’m ready to go.’”

Wade was pleased no one claimed Pendleton before the Astros.

“We liked him enough to take him in the Rule 5 Draft in December and we would have liked to have retained him in Spring Training,” he said. “We couldn’t get a deal workout with the Yankees to retain him. He’ll go into the mix and we’ll see where it goes from there.”

Pendleton was offered back to the Yankees at the end of the spring and appeared in 11 Major League games, posting a 3.21 ERA for the Bombers. He spent most of the season at Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre (3-4, 3.11 ERA in 18 games, including 10 starts) and was designed for assignment on Tuesday.

“I’ve been up and down four times now with the Yankees, and when I was up it was sporadic on the mound,” Pendleton said. “I threw well when I got out there and felt pretty good. Going a week and a half or so between innings, it’s hard to stay sharp. When I went back down in Scranton, I threw pretty well.

“I would say it’s been a successful season for me and how I’ve been feeling. There are still things to work on and continue to get used to the bullpen. With the Astros, I’ll probably be in the bullpen. I don’t know what their long-term plan for me is. They might only have a three-week timeframe, but whatever they’re willing to give, I’ll try to take advantage of it.”


I’m excited too!! Lance graduated with my son from Kingwood High school!
Good pitcher, hope he stays THIS time!!

“Wade was pleased no one claimed Pendleton before the Astros.” I don’t get this, aren’t we the first team that gets offered every single player on waivers because of our record?

No. Priority goes by league. Since Pendleton was in the AL, all the AL teams had to pass. Then the Astros had the first pick of NL teams.

No Becky It goes by league first. Since he was in the American League, every Team in that league had first dibs. We were the first team in the National league after all those teams passed on him. Hope that helps clear things up a bit

tony…..I didn’t say anything about the AL. I just said I remember seeing him when he was in high school!!! You got the wrong gal! That was “Mugaro”.

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