Oswalt, Pence return. Will you cheer or boo?

For the first time since they were traded to the Phillies, pitcher Roy Oswalt and right fielder Hunter Pence return to Minute Maid Park for tonight’s game against the Astros. Oswalt has been with the Phillies for more than a year, but this will be his first trip to Houston in those red shoes. Pence was traded just a few weeks ago and is flourishing with the best team in baseball.

Oswalt, who left in Houston one win shy of tying the franchise record for wins, asked Astros management for a trade last year when he didn’t like the direction the club was headed. Pence certainly didn’t ask for a trade, but the Astros were in payroll-trimming mode and were able to land some of the Phillies top prospects in exchange for the high-flying outfielder.

Earlier this year when Lance Berkman made his return to Minute Maid Park with the Cardinals, he received a nice ovation. Not surprising, since he’s one of the most popular players in franchise history. Pence and Oswalt are in the same category. But Astros fans haven’t always been so kind to those who have returned in different uniforms.

Carlos Beltran, who spent only four months in Houston and had a legendary performance in the 2004 playoffs, still gets booed six years after he shunned the Astros and signed a big-money deal with the Mets. Brad Lidge, the closer during the terrific playoff seasons in 2004 and 2005, still gets booed as well, which is a little strange. I’m guessing it has to do with giving up his homer to Albert Pujols in Game 5 of the 2005 NLCS than it does anything else. Lidge was a model citizen and good player in Houston.

So, what will be it be, Astros fans? Boos or cheers for Oswalt and Pence?


I *HOPE* that does NOT happen. These two guys shed a LOT of sweat with this club
knowing, in the end…….Houston was going no where. I love both of them, and respect Roy’s decision to leave. Hunter had no say in his trade. We fans will ALWAYS hold Roy, Lance and Hunter in the highest regard. We won’t forget all the years they played successfully here.

Oswalt & Pence are not in the same boat as Beltran. I will treat Oswalt and Pence the same as I did Berkman. They will get cheers and standing o’s from me for their first at-bat and then they become those guys on the rival team.

Hoping we can hold off on 100 losses until after the Phillies series.

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Anyone that boos Pence deserves to get a beer spilled on them by a real Astros fan in the stands. Pence didn’t ask for our management to be total cheapskates and trade him away.

I honestly wish nothing but success out of Pence, even during this series. Oswalt on the other hand, I hope we knock him out in the first inning and hang a loss on him.

mugaro…..you got your wish, but I’m wondering WHY you don’t like Roy O?????
He did EXACTLY what you would do, if you had been pitching for a team going
NO WHERE! I wish ALL of them the best of luck. I still miss Roy, Lance and Hunter.

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