Who’s the Astros’ MVP in 2011

When outfielders Hunter Pence and Michael Bourn were traded in late July, the race for Astros Most Valuable Player suddenly became wide open. Astros manager Brad Mills was asked Friday who he thought should get it, and he threw out the names of Clint Barmes, Matt Downs, Carlos Lee, Bud Norris and Wandy Rodriguez.

If you look at statistics, Lee appears on his way to 20 homers and 90 RBIs, which could give him the edge. Barmes has played a Gold Glove-caliber defense and has shown some pop offensively, though he’s remained under .250 for much of the year. Downs has been a huge catalyst off the bench has had some huge hits, and Rodriguez has an 11-10 record on a team that’s going to lose 100 games.

So who’s your pick for team MVP in 2011?


What? No place for a write-in vote? I nominate Ed Wade’s BFF and Best Draft Pick ever, Jason Michaels. He’s the perfect choice for a 100-Loss Baseball Team! J-Mike’s .178 Batting Average as a Pinch-Hitter, and Beer League Softball-like skills in the Outfield prove he’s worthy of this Honor. Here’s to many more years of watching Him swing at the First Pitch in an Astros Uniform!

Write in vote for Q. He is under-rated and deserves at least a nod.

Hunter Pence.

Even if Lee hits a HR in every at-bat until the end of the year, I wouldn’t call him an MVP. If he had any value to this team, we wouldn’t have lost 100 games. When this team really needed to be good and score runs, Lee was slumping (and by that, i mean the whole first half of the year). He does well at the most pointless times, and he blows it when the pressure is on. A lot of his homeruns have been solo shots when the score difference was 3 runs or more. He chokes in the clutch and rocks when it doesn’t matter.
Downs has been a good bat off the bench, but he struggles when he’s allowed to start (will he struggle again today being put in RF? probably).
Norris has been good, but not spectacular.
Barmes has been sub-par offensively. His power benefit is erased by his penchant to strike out and his low average. I laughed when I read that “gold glove caliber defense”. His defense is good, but not anywhere near a gold glove. I doubt his name will even come up in conversation about who gets the SS gold glove.

Gotta vote for Wandy. Without him, this team would have been at 100 losses a lot sooner.

Another write in vote for Hunter Pence. He hustled day in and day out..

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