Astros brass meets with Mills, coaches

Astros president of baseball operations Tal Smith, general manager Ed Wade and assistant general manager David Gottfried met with manager Brad Mills and his coaching staff for about three hours at the team’s hotel in downtown Cincinnati on Monday to discuss 2011 and look ahead to 2012.

“We got their impressions on the guys on the roster and needs and things of that nature,” Wade said. “We thought it was a good meeting. It was a real good exchange of ideas. Folks were very candid in their opinions. They weren’t all on the same page with everybody, which I thought was very helpful. It was good.”

Wade said meetings like this are routine at this time of year.

“We talk about who are the free agents on the club, who are the guys out of options going into Spring Training next year, some other things of that nature,” he said. “We talk about a little bit about needs going forward.

“We literally went player-by-player, starting with the pitchers and then the catchers and infielders and outfielders and some of the guys who are on option or were on the disabled list during the season, long enough for the coaching staff to have some observations. We talked about all that stuff.”


The baserunning game must improve. And Dave Clark is the key. If he’s back, there has to be a new philosophy! No need bunting up a runner to second or stealing second if you’re virtually never going to test the outfielder by stopping the runner at third. It shouldn’t take two hits to score a runner from second base! Baserunners need to start reading base hits off the bat more and scoring from second on hits to the outfield. Clark needs to stop living by the addage: “take no chances, make no mistakes.”

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eric……I agree *100%*!!!!!!!!!

How about a GM that can evaluate talent? Let’s start rebuilding there. . . Just sayin’

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